April 17, 2021

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Medical staff surprises granny on her birthday

Mrs Esther Diaz Loubriel He longed to celebrate his 72nd birthday in a very different way, together with his loved ones and as a family. But a health mishap sent her straight to the hospital days before, which kept her sad and tearful.

What the septuagenarian did not imagine is that the medical and health personnel of the institution would entertain her and that her celebration would travel through social networks. In this way, many were the ones who sent her messages of speedy recovery and her heart was filled with joy.

It was one of his granddaughters, Fabiola Torres Acevedo, who shared the video on social networks in which Mrs. Esther is surprised with the usual “Happy Birthday”, but sung by her doctor and part of the hospital work team.

The celebration took place on Thursday at the Manatí Medical Center.

“Grandma got sick on Monday. My mom (Sonia Esther Acevedo Diaz) tells me: ‘Mommy is sick’. And we quickly called the paramedics and they took her to the hospital, ”Fabiola explained in an interview with Primera Hora.

His grandmother, who is terminally ill, had suffered an adverse reaction to a drug. This diagnosis came after numerous tests, including a catheterization. The speed with which she was treated, both from the arrival of the paramedics to the home in Manatí and once she was admitted to the hospital, was vital for her recovery, Fabiola reiterated.

The public relations student shared that since last Sunday, Mrs. Esther asked to celebrate her birthday in a big way, taking security measures in the middle of the pandemic.

“I didn’t want it to go unnoticed. The least she imagined was that she would be in the hospital… she was desperate because she doesn’t like them; does not like the cold … He told his doctor that he already felt fine to be discharged, he cried because he wanted to celebrate his birthday “Fabiola tells us, moved.

Upon request, your doctor, doctor Ignacio Acevedo, he did not stand still. Instead, she coordinated with part of her team and last Thursday morning they broke into the room of Doña Esther, who could not help crying. There were balloons, cake and many good wishes.

“He (Acevedo) coordinated everything. He was moved… He made the whole work team sing to him and Grandma was moved, she cried. We tell her now that she is’ the famous one of the networks. You’re all over the hospital chat, ‘”says the 19-year-old.

Fabiola and her grandmother, Mrs. Esther

“Everyone in the family is so thankful for these capedless heroes. Grandmother, who is the queen of the house, is improving and it is thanks to them. You really have to admit them because they have treated her like family, not just another patient. I know that her greatest wish is to have more years of life “he added.

The video has gone viral on social networks (with more than 153,000 views) and the president of Medical Surgeons of Puerto Rico, Victor RamosHe shared it with an emotional message: “Our work to heal our patients goes beyond the physical body. My sincere congratulations to these colleagues who demonstrate the best of Puerto Rican medicine ”.

Fabiola, who maintains her blog Something else me, he did not imagine that his family publication would have so much scope. She indicated that many people have sent messages of encouragement for her grandmother to recover.

“People write that they want to hug her, they send their good wishes for her to leave the hospital, we receive greeting cards… there have been many. I think that thanks to that and the virtual blessings, my grandmother has stabilized. Instead of keeping quiet about these things, we have to share them ”, he said.

“It was definitely the best birthday celebration, she wasn’t expecting it. And many people who we do not know have participated … The doctors and the medical team are the ones who deserve credit for this. The hospital has worked so that she does not feel alone. It has been a stay for her to recover and they have helped her regain her spirits ”, she concluded.

If she continues to evolve favorably, Doña Esther could be discharged next Monday and her family will not stop entertaining her with another birthday cake at home.

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