June 13, 2021

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Medical task force asks to reconsider next stage of reopening

A member of the Governor's medical task force Wanda Vázquez understands that there is an increase in the cases of coronavirus that should motivate them to reconsider the next stage of reopening of the country.

Two new deaths reported today

In an interview on Radio Isla, the infectious disease of the Medical Task Force, Humberto Giot said that the group met and prepared a new group of recommendations to the president regarding economic opening.

"It would be necessary to assess whether the sectors that are supposed to enter, for example there are some sectors that will begin to open from July 15, including activities with the public such as tournaments and professional leagues with public, if they should open or not, "said the doctor.

The most recent executive order of the governor

The infectologist says that a sum-of-samples analysis shows that" every day there are more positive cases. " On Monday more than 200 positive cases were reported for molecular tests when the normal number was 20. Yesterday they were 76 and today they returned to 20, but with two fatalities.

"We are vigilant in the cases that are occurring daily," he said.

What is known of the 159 deaths

The doctor said that the recommendations "would be sent" to the governor and anticipated a decision in this regard “in the coming days.”

The task force has met on several occasions, including over the weekend, and regretted that it has seen a relaxation on the part of the citizen in measures of care, such as the Wearing masks, Giot said.

"We are very concerned about what is happening," he said.

On the return of minors to places like schools and care centers, Giot said that a return "face-to-face 100% as we are used to it won't be able to be" and that would be possibly n hybrid system that includes some distance education but with active participation with “some face-to-face activities.”

“It is a complex issue,” he stated.

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