June 19, 2021

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Melania Trump coronavirus: How Donald Trump wife bring ‘reassuring sense of resilience’

Melania has been keeping followers updated on her Instagram account though.

She recently wrote: “Greetings to our American seniors. The changes in our everyday lives will not last forever & we will be able to visit with our loved ones soon again.

“I encourage you to stay in touch, keep your spirits high & remember, all of America is working together to keep you healthy & safe.”

On another occasion she said: “We salute essential workers in the health care industry who are fighting to save lives.

“We thank those who put themselves at risk to keep our grocery stores, pharmacies & gas stations open. Those who ensure that our power plants & factories are up & running, that we have internet & phones to stay in touch. Those delivering mail & packages to all us at home & keeping the shelves stocked. Our deepest gratitude & appreciation goes to each & every one of you.”

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