August 1, 2021

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Merchants and Government announce more alternatives for safe Christmas sales

“We are pleased that we have once again signed the collaboration agreement with DACO, prioritizing the health and safety of consumers and employees,” said Iván Báez, president of ACDET in written communication.

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SAN JUAN – The secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO), Carmen Salgado, and the president of the Retail Trade Association (ACDET), Iván Báez, signed on Thursday a memorandum of understanding for the effective, coordinated and safe handling of Early Bird and Christmas 2020 Sales, taking new factors into consideration due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The reality on the Island has changed dramatically due to the pandemic. Commerce has been seriously affected, however we have relaxed and adjusted the dynamics of traditional early bird sales to add more options for special sales through the internet, as well as extended hours and days during the month of November to avoid crowding. in stores in a single day. We are pleased that we have once again signed the collaboration agreement with DACO, with the health and safety of consumers and employees as a priority ”, expressed Iván Báez, president of ACDET in written communication.

“The agreement that we have formalized for the past six (6) years has been very successful and this time we expanded it, seeking to provide the consumer with a safer shopping experience, with less contact options, so that the customer is satisfied with your shopping experience during the well-known “Early Bird Sale”.

In this month of November, many of the stores will offer several special sales events both online and in person, in addition to the traditional sale after Thanksgiving. Each business will announce its special events and must guide customers on precautionary measures in compliance with the Executive Order in force to avoid contagion ”, he added.

The DACO team, led by its secretary, Carmen Salgado, has met with the main businesses to ensure consumer rights, guarantee consumer safety and support businesses, so that service expectations are met and availability of merchandise, according to current regulations.

“We encourage consumers to stay informed of the alternatives that stores will make available, so they can take advantage of the long-awaited special sales of the Christmas season. At DACO we have been working closely with businesses, and guiding our inspectors to ensure that a safe, detached and fair sales experience is provided for citizens, while supporting the economy to recover from it. great crisis. As every year, the DACO inspectors will be on the street to ensure compliance with our regulations and the matters that we have agreed in this memorandum of understanding with ACDET, ”said Salgado.

“The main objective is to ensure that citizens enjoy the festive season and the expected sales, while avoiding contagion and stimulating compliance by merchants with our regulations,” added the secretary.

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