April 11, 2021

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Meteorology asks people to go to the beaches of the north coast for caution due to the high risk of marine currents

The meteorologist Emanuel Rodríguez of the National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan reiterated the agency’s request for bathers to give up visiting the beaches of the island’s north coast due to the high risk of ocean currents and the waves that continue to affect that area.

“The exhortation is super important so that they do not visit the beaches. Yesterday we had another drowning: a 48-year-old woman, “said the expert in an interview with The new day.

Currently, the weather agency maintains a small boat operator advisory for most local waters until 2:00 pm today, Thursday. Then, that warning will continue for the Atlantic waters and Anegada passage until tomorrow at 2:00 pm

While, The high risk of marine currents includes all the beaches on the north coast, including the island municipality of Culebra. The rest of the island’s beaches have a moderate risk of currents.

According to Rodríguez, if a person is swept away by a sea current, the first thing to do is not to panic and remain calm, otherwise they will try to forcibly get out of the current and that will cause their body to tire and a tragedy will occur.

To get out of the sea current, the person must swim in a direction parallel to the coast until leaving that area. Once it is not being carried away by the pressure of the water, then it can return to nothing in the direction of the coast.

The meteorologist also warned that the swell is fluctuating between five to eight feet in height, although it can occasionally be higher. Additionally, the breaking waves on the shoreline can rise to eight feet in height..

Meanwhile, he mentioned that weather conditions will continue with a similar pattern to yesterday: temporary downpours in the morning, and in the afternoon a slight increase in rain activity, with isolated thunderstorms. The difference for today, however, is that a mass of dry air has reached the region.

“Today we have a little drier air which has been limiting the activity of downpours. A patch of humidity is expected to enter in the afternoon and evening. It must be enough to generate downpours in the interior and west, including the metropolitan area “, detailed Rodríguez.

He anticipated, at the same time, that for tomorrow and the weekend an instability in weather conditions is expected with an increase in rain, which could be combined with isolated thunderstorms.

“We are seeing that little by little rain areas begin to register with greater intensity,” said the expert.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that the maximum temperatures for today will become hotter with measurements of up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in low or urban areas and low 80 degrees Fahrenheit in high mountain towns.

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