June 13, 2021

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Meteorology forecasts rains for the entire island and warns about the risk of landslides

The National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan estimated this Tuesday between one and three inches of rain that would fall throughout the island as a result of the combination of a trough in high levels of the atmosphere and the abundant humidity that remains in the region.

Meteorologist Rosalina Vázquez told The new day what Isolated thunderstorms and internal downpours may be generated for various sectors of Puerto Rico, especially the west quadrant.

“Today we expect the pattern of temporary downpours to continue. Throughout the day it is expected to affect eastern Puerto Rico and in the afternoon we expect moderate to heavy downpours with isolated thunderstorms for the interior and west of the island, ”the expert explained by telephone.

“Actually, for our area we do expect a whole rainy day. We estimate that between one and three inches of rain will fall with isolated amounts ”, abounded.

The meteorological agency placed the entire island at a moderate risk of urban flooding, and a low risk of thunderstorms. Even Vázquez anticipated that flood warnings may be issued during the day.

Map showing the moderate risk of urban flooding in orange for this Tuesday, June 8, 2021. (NWSSJU)

He also warned that there is also a risk of landslides, particularly for the mountainous area to the east of the island, such as the Sierra de Luquillo.

For the rest of the week, Vázquez anticipated, this same pattern of showers and thunderstorms is expected, so the dry conditions across the island could improve a bit.

“The rest of the week we expect this same weather pattern with rains, at least until Friday and Saturday. This could help reduce the drought, “said the expert.

On the other hand, the agency expects temperatures to remain in the high 70s to highs 80s Fahrenheit.

While, Vázquez highlighted that the maritime conditions are relatively calm, although with moderate risk on the beaches of the north coast of the island.

“Conditions on the coasts are calm. The swell is up to five feet on the coasts, but offshore it will be, at least, up to six feet in offshore waters in the Atlantic ”, he pointed out.

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