July 27, 2021

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Metropistas announces rehabilitation works on a bridge in front of the federal prison

Metropistas announced today the start of the rehabilitation work on bridge # 1177 that is located in front of the federal prison on the José De Diego expressway (PR-22), in Guaynabo.

It was indicated that the works will be carried out at kilometer 7.5 in the direction of Bayamón.

Over the next 10 months, approximately, the rehabilitation of the different lanes of the bridge will be working in phases only in the west direction. During this period, vehicles traveling on the express towards Bayamón may use the usual four lanes. As work progresses, the lane configuration will be altered. However, the entrance ramp from PR-28 (west) to PR-22 will remain open at all times.

Drivers and the general public were urged to watch out for traffic signs and other devices that will be installed in the area for their safety and guidance.

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