March 1, 2021

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Michellyn Ramos’s mother: “It was a love with me, this cannot stay like this, let them investigate”

A mother sobs and –between tears and a broken voice– his voice only demands justice for his murdered daughter.

He has only received silence, unfinished promises and unease from the government authorities.

Although Michelle “Michellyn” Ramos Vargas was murdered last Wednesday on the PR-114 highway, in the Sabana Grande neighborhood, in Saint GermanHas not yet received an update from the Police on the investigation of the case; neither did his autopsy.

“So far, nothing, not the police, not the autopsy. Supposedly tomorrow [sábado] I have to go fill out some papers at the funeral home, “he said. Elia Vargas Santiago, mother of the victim.

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More than 48 hours after his murder, the director of the Mayagüez Homicide Division, Lieutenant Aníbal Pérezhe told First hour They continue without a suspect and a theory of motive. Also, they were waiting for the autopsy report to see if he would throw at him clues that would help them solve the crime.

“A policeman came here and said: ‘Anything I can communicate with you’, but he has not called”, lamented the mother.

Friday afternoon was the first time that Vargas Santiago was able to see the news about the case.

“I didn’t even know where it was that they had left it lying [el cuerpo]. I didn’t want to see anything. It has been terrible “, described the parent.

On television, he said, he saw that agents were “searching inside the apartment” where Michellyn lived, in the El Carmen de Mayagüez residential area. One of the most sought after items is your cell phone, “to find out who called you.”

Previously, the family had already gone to the residence to find the documents necessary for the death process and “everything was fine.”

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Michellyn was described by her neighbor and childhood friend, René Recio, as an “extraordinary human being”, who “came and filled the place with joy, light”. A woman who sought to “improve” by studying nursing.

For her mother, Michellyn was the personification of “love.” A being that “did not hurt anyone.”

On the other end of the phone, her voice began to choke, like someone who has a lump in the throat before bursting into tears. He recovered and slowly made a claim to the authorities of the country.

“Let them do justice because we have suffered a lot. He was a love with me, this cannot stay like this, they are investigating. It is a family that is suffering “she managed to say before sighing and taking another pause.

With this murder, there are six committed against trans people so far this year in Puerto Rico.

The other five cases were: Alexa, who was killed last February in Toa Baja; Yampi, a trans man murdered last March in Moca; the double murder of Serena Angelique Velazquez Y Layla Peláez, reported in April in Humacao; Y Penelope Diaz Ramirez, who died last April while in a men’s prison.

Of these crimes, only in the double murder of Serena and Layla were two people arrested, who are prosecuted in the federal forum for hate crimes.

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In the case of Michellyn, according to Lieutenant Pérez, the main problem they have faced in the investigation has been the lack of citizen cooperation.

The only thing the mother knows is that at 10:00 at night she was at home. “After that time nothing was known. After that time everyone is locked up there “, he counted.

The lieutenant assured that they continue to carry out “rigorous interviews”, but that they have not been able to obtain information to help them establish “a clear motive”.

This Saturday, at 5:00 in the afternoon, they will hold a vigil in the public square of Lajas to demand justice. It was there that Michellyn was born and raised.

Recio explained to this newspaper that the activity seeks to “make this voice not shut up and this death is not in vain.”

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