March 1, 2021

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Microenterprise Incubator invites donation through Global Giving

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ARECIBO – Throughout this week, the Semilla Community and Solidarity Microenterprise Incubator, one of the programs of the non-profit organization Casa Sin Fronteras, from Sabana Hoyos in Arecibo, is inviting people to show solidarity and make a donation between 10 and 50 dollars through the Global Giving page to sustain the program and continue helping entrepreneurs to implement their businesses in Puerto Rico.

“All of our projects we try to take them at a very low cost so that they can be accessible to the entire population and many times people, even if they are charged, find it difficult to pay because they come from a precarious economic situation and we try to or you cannot pay, you can participate in our programs. Therefore, we are always looking for alternative funding to be able to sustain the programs and participants, ”explained Jinette Ruiz, Casa Sin Fronteras volunteer, about the purpose of this fundraiser.

As he informed La Perla del Sur, “the incubator, in the five years that it has been running, has been supported by proposals; we have received funds from different organizations and entities. This year we want to raise a fund on our behalf through a campaign that we started today until Friday through an organization that has welcomed us called ”.

Global Giving is a global organization, based in the United States, that reaches projects from all countries of the world and they help non-profit organizations to develop fundraising campaigns through their page and, in turn, give them incentives according to what the organization manages to raise (a matching of funds).

Through this week’s fundraising, the Semilla Community and Solidarity Microenterprise Incubator will be able to continue and expand its services, as they wish to offer new workshops to help companies acclimate to the new reality of the pandemic.

Regarding the Microenterprise Incubator, Angél Cortés, president of the Board of Casa Sin Fronteras, explained that they help microentrepreneurs to implement their business ideas and to evaluate their viability.

In the same way, he indicated that these micro-enterprises are characterized by being community and supportive, since they promote in them a sense of responsibility and commitment towards the community to which they belong.

Something peculiar about the program, according to Cortés, is the business support, since they offer mentoring and advice throughout the process, from the idea and the business plan, to its implementation.

On the other hand, the professional advisor of Casa Sin Fronteras, Loriana García, indicated that the Business Incubator is not limited to residents of Arecibo, but rather opens the door to all those interested in implementing their business idea who live in Puerto Rich.

People who wish to show solidarity and donate to this program can make their donation through this link

For more information about the Semilla Community and Solidarity Microenterprise Incubator or about the other Casa Sin Fronteras programs, you can call 787-451-1498, write to [email protected] or look for them on the social networks of Instagram and Facebook.

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