February 24, 2021

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Miguel Romero presents a proposal to supplement public transportation alternatives in San Juan

According to Romero, the transportation alternative will be paid for with federal funds.

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San Juan – The candidate for mayor of San Juan for the New Progressive Party (PNP), Miguel Romero Lugo, presented his proposal to improve collective transportation in the Capital, with the purpose of developing a mobility system for residents of San Juan that can benefit students, workers and seniors.

According to Romero, the transportation alternative will be paid for with federal funds administered by the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA, for its acronym in English); agency that at the federal level provides resources, through allocations of funds to state and local governments to plan, develop and acquire transportation vehicles with this type of transportation initiative.

“We propose a municipal transportation alternative, which we call“ San Juan Ride ”, to benefit students, seniors and workers of our City. We seek to promote greater equity for the sectors of our population that are in disadvantage that today are limited in their transportation alternatives; while we provide alternatives on routes that today are not available through the Metropolitan Bus Authority (AMA) and that can even complement our Urban Train. Federal programs administered by the FTA provide resources to finance these mass transit alternatives for highly urbanized and populated areas such as San Juan; It is an opportunity that we must seize and begin to develop, ”said Romero Lugo in written statements.

Romero also highlighted that “the dependency, the lack of a car and the difficulties of reaching the collective transport disrupt the daily lives of many citizens since it represents complications for access to services, especially for our population more vulnerable than their age or lack of economic resources does not have a reliable and effective transportation system that can meet their needs. We are committed to developing a sustainable municipal mobility system that is a functional alternative and a solution to the transportation needs of the San Juan population ”.

Romero’s proposal includes the acquisition through proposals and requests for funds before the FTA, of vehicles such as “trolleys” and buses, within the municipal transport system that achieves an integration of its users with the commercial sector, the Medical Center and offices service, both municipal and state government.

According to the candidate, the Capital City will also have coordinated service routes between municipal departments to facilitate access to related services.

Likewise, the services of the Urban Train will be complemented and strengthened to provide users with an alternative mobility alternative to the car and that is part of the municipal service applications that were recently announced by Romero, under the initiative of “Technology at your Service” .

Passenger boarding stations will also be established in areas of the Municipality through the digital application or specialized reference points, in order to pick up and drop off passengers for services such as “San Juan Ride”, Uber and other similar local services that may be develop; as well as for lines of taxi drivers, bus drivers and other transportation services that can benefit from this platform and complement the collective transportation alternatives in San Juan.

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