March 8, 2021

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Miguel Romero presents his security proposals for San Juan

Photo: CyberNews

SAN JUAN – The candidate for mayor of San Juan for the New Progressive Party (PNP), Miguel Romero Lugo, presented on Monday his citizen security and protection plan where he argued that it is of the utmost importance to address the security problem that exists in the Capital before the considerable reduction in the Municipal Police force.

Romero Lugo emphasized on strategic surveillance plans, community involvement, compliance with public order codes adapted to the diversity of the City, and joint efforts with federal and state agencies.

“The Municipal Police Department has lost about 40 percent of its members and adjustments have not been made to design strategies and plans to continue protecting our citizens. Our aspiration is to implement citizen and community-based security plans that reflect the needs of the different areas of the capital city, ”Romero Lugo said in written statements.

The senator for San Juan also noted that “we seek to work in coordination with the communities and with state and federal law and order agencies to address security needs in a strategic and effective manner. Our goal is to eliminate situations that make our communities more vulnerable to crime ”.

Romero Lugo indicated that his work plan promotes community participation, through the strengthening and establishment of neighborhood safety councils.

He also detailed the security pillars in San Juan. He indicated that security, surveillance and preventive patrolling efforts must be based on a strategy to attend to areas of violence or “hot spots”; citizen and community participation in security efforts; implementation of Public Order Codes; strengthening of strategic work with the State Police and federal agencies and “Place Making” of areas where urban deterioration creates favorable conditions for criminal activity.

Similarly, forums will be created for the continuous evaluation and implementation of public order codes, as well as other security initiatives that adjust to the needs and particularities of each San Juan community.

According to the legislator, the initiative will include the collaboration of the business and academic sector of San Juan, since the legitimacy of these organizations in the process is recognized.

On the other hand, the candidate for the municipal armchair indicated that the monitoring and surveillance of public areas – such as parking lots, intersections, tourist areas, parks and citizen recreation areas – will be expanded and, through incentives, the installation of cameras will be encouraged. and electronic surveillance systems in businesses in San Juan whose hours of operation are extended at night.

In the same way, he mentioned that the existing technological applications in the municipality will be maintained and strengthened so that citizens can anonymously report situations of gender violence and against women in order to seek the early intervention of the Municipal Police and the Office of Women’s Affairs and against Gender Violence of the Municipality of San Juan.

Romero Lugo was accompanied by part of his collaborating team from the security platform for El Nuevo San Juan. “I am very grateful to these Puerto Ricans who have decided to step forward so that San Juan can shine again.” Among those present were former state prosecutor and former independent special prosecutor, Ernie Cabán, former commissioner of the Civil Rights Commission, Rosa Mari Borges, and platform manager, Juan Pablo Gutiérrez.

Regarding the Municipal Police, Romero stressed that the continuing education of the agents will be strengthened, by updating the protocols and intervention processes, in compliance with the civil rights that protect all citizens.

He also said that he will seek to share resources and intelligence with the municipal and state police, as well as with federal authorities, to be more effective in the fight against crime. The Municipal Police will coordinate preventive surveillance work in collaboration with the state police to avoid duplication of resources, expand the areas and increase the frequency of preventive patrolling in the communities. Romero also pointed out the importance of strengthening and expanding municipal resources in the “task forces” with federal agencies, such as the FBI, the Federal Department of National Security, the DEA and the Department of the Federal Treasury to obtain more economic resources for the protection of citizenship.

Meanwhile, the senator indicated that a health and multidisciplinary approach, both physical and mental, will be given to homeless people and people with mental health problems who do not have a home, to help them in their personal, physical and emotional improvement. He explained that the Municipal Police and Public Safety Department, the Health Department and the Community Social Development Department of the municipality will establish an intervention and support protocol that will include help in finding housing, education and retraining programs, emergency social assistance , assistance in relevant forums and other existing aid at the state and federal level.

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