March 8, 2021

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Miguel Romero presents proposals for economic development based on tourism

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SAN JUAN – The Fifth Centennial of Old San Juan and the promotion of the tourist capital of San Juan are the pillars of the proposals presented by the candidate for mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romero Lugo, as part of his work plan to revitalize the tourism and promote job creation in the Capital City.

“San Juan has attributes similar to large cities in the world and can compete favorably in our region, with the ability to become one of the main tourist destinations in the hemisphere,” Romero Lugo said in written statements.

The senator also indicated that tourism will be one of the main resources that the new administration will use to promote job creation and economic development in the Capital.

“We will position our City as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Americas with the celebration of the Fifth Centennial of our island of San Juan and we will be leaders and collaborators in the development of projects in the Bahía Urbana area and the Convention District to boost the visitor’s economy and create jobs in the tourism sector, ”said Romero Lugo.

The legislator also highlighted that “the Capital City has enviable tourist attractions: the beauty of its beaches, the magic of its historic city, the charm of its culture, the splendor of its hotels, the diversity of its gastronomy and the liveliness of its entertainment. Similarly, it has a wide variety of museums, galleries, theaters, entertainment facilities, restaurants, and parks. “All this and even more is part of the tourist capital that San Juan has and which we will promote and support to boost the economy,” said Miguel Romero.

Within the work plan that Romero detailed, he indicated that the efforts of the private sector will be supported in the development initiatives of the Convention District, such as District Live and others, which position San Juan as a first-rate destination in experiences and entertainment .

Likewise, the Municipality will establish an inventory of local attractions with tourist potential — Las Curías lake in Cupey, the Loíza street sector, Cerra street, among others — as part of the internal tourism offer in San Juan and will support the efforts of the private and community sectors to strengthen these areas of great tourist viability.

In the field of gastronomy, culture, arts and entertainment, the Senator highlighted the establishment of an institutional effort to promote San Juan as the Gastronomic and Entertainment Destination of the Caribbean. In addition, these routes will be offered throughout the Capital City to promote local businesses.

Meanwhile, the collaboration between the municipality of San Juan, the Tourism Company and the private sector to increase the number of tourist guides was highlighted. Also, in collaboration with the Office of Technological and Innovation Services of Puerto Rico (PRITS, for its acronym in English) they will launch a digital platform that highlights the attractions of tourist interest, the gastronomic offer of the city, as well as hotels and events, among others. In alliance with the Tourism Company, roads will also be outlined and tours of historical interest that enhance cultural heritage, history, music, folklore and gastronomy will be promoted.

Romero emphasized that he will use the tools provided by legislation of his authorship such as Law 120 of 2020 on cycle paths and Law 96-2017 to encourage the development of properties of high tourist value.

On the other hand, the San Juan Sports Marketing Program will be created – through an alliance with the private sector and attached to the Municipality’s Department of Economic Development – in order to increase the use of our sports facilities for marketing purposes and promoting tourism. sports through both local and international events. The senator’s proposal also includes the celebration of community festivals, to expose the talent of musicians, artisans, designers and other artists from the communities.

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