August 1, 2021

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Million dollar investment in reconstruction of the Cosme Beitía coliseum announced

The Municipal Coliseum was built in the early 80’s

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Catano – The mayor of Cataño, Félix Delgado Montalvo announced on Thursday, the beginning of the reconstruction works of the Cosme Beitía Sálamo coliseum at a cost of 2,188,264 dollars.

The mayor explained that the funds come from claims to the insurer after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

He stressed that the remodeling works will consist of the complete demolition of the roof of the building, the court area, the bathrooms and the administrative areas.

“Improvements will be made to the plumbing system and the system of“ fire proofing ”will be applied in all the steel elements. I am very satisfied with the designs achieved and with this project with which we put an end to the expectation of having a large, comfortable arena in which to carry out sports, social and academic activities. In addition, we must remember that it was a refuge when the Capeco fire, so we see that it can serve as a multipurpose center, “said the mayor in written communication.

On the other hand, he mentioned that the roof will also be built in steel and all the structural elements that are corroded will be repaired.

In the same way, the electrical system will be remodeled, lamps and a new air conditioning system will be installed.

The Municipal Coliseum was built in the early 80s, under the administration of the former mayor, Don Pepe Álvarez Brunet.

Since then, very few maintenance and rehabilitation works have been carried out in these sports facilities, so this investment is a significant one with which the town is provided with a first-class sports facility.

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