June 15, 2021

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Minor dies in traffic accident

Photo: Supplied

CAGUAS – A 15-year-old minor died in a traffic accident at around 10:30 on Friday night, at the José Garrido Highway intersection of the Infantry Regiment Highway in front of the old Moisty Park, Caguas.

According to the police report, a call was received through the 9-1-1 emergency system about the accident.

From the preliminary investigation it appears that Eduardo Díaz Monserrate, 52 years old, was driving a Toyota, Yaris, 2020 vehicle on the José Garrido Highway. He was accompanied by Lizandra Concepción Reyes, 44 years old, and the youngest was 15 years old.

Upon reaching the solo lane with the 65th Infantry Regiment Highway Intersection, they made a left turn when they were hit by Ángel Morales Centenos, 24, the driver of the Mitsubishi vehicle, Lancer.

All were transported by paramedics to the Hospital Menonita de Caguas where the death of the minor was certified.

Agent Cecilio Ayala Figueroa, from the Caguas Highway Patrol Division, together with prosecutor Juan Carlos Goyco from Caguas, took charge of the investigation.

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