June 15, 2021

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Miriam Ramírez de Ferrer: "The biggest scam is that STATUS is the PNP's raison d'être"

Miriam Ramírez de Ferrer

The activist reiterated that the New Progressive Party has abandoned the struggle to seek annexation to the United States

By Metro Puerto Rico

Miriam Ramírez de Ferrer

Miriam Ramírez de Ferrer – Puerto Rican, former legislator and one of the most consistent statehood activists for Puerto Rico – sent a message today, July 4, to the New Progressive Party (PNP), reiterating its position that this organization has abandoned the fight to seek to become the 51st member as a state of the United States .

"The biggest scam to statesmen is that 'ESTADIDAD is the raison d'être of the PNP' and in 52 years they have failed. It has not been their priority. The achievements of Puerto Ricans in Acción Ciudadana.with 350,000 requests was what q led to the Young Project q CRB retired or when it came to the US Senate, "Ramírez de Ferrer wrote on Twitter.

In the tweet, he attached a screenshot showing how in the late 1990s, citizen activism in favor of statehood led by Ramírez de Ferrer promoted a bill for annexation led by Alaska Republican Congressman Don Young.

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