November 28, 2020

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Mixed views on the imminent vaccination | Health

Doctors in Puerto Rico appear to be divided in their assessment of the emergency use of the Covid-19 vaccine developed by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

“I have no concern about this vaccine,” said the president of the College of Surgeons, Víctor Ramos. “The development of this vaccine is based on messenger RNA (ribonucleic acid in Spanish) and has great and good expectations,” he said.

RNA enables protein synthesis and is a kind of ‘translator’ that allows the genetic information contained in DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) to be understood by cells. It is made up of a single strand, unlike DNA, which has a double strand.

According to Ramos, this vaccine turns out to be “specific for the coronavirus, which is a very stable virus with few mutations,” which is why it counteracts it very effectively.

“I do not believe that people’s health and safety are being put at risk. What happens here is that the (federal) government has put the money to finance the research and the (trial) phases have not had to wait until they found funds, ”explained Ramos.

“Many steps are being skipped”

For his part, the medical director of the Medical Services Administration (ASEM), Israel Ayala, reported that within the medical community they have expressed concern about the emergency use of a vaccine that – although highly effective in clinical trials – does not It has been extensively tested.

“Do you know about the vaccine that the Russians are developing? Have you recently heard from her? Nobody knows about the test data for that vaccine. And nobody knows about the data generated by the studies of this (Pfizer vaccine), “said Ayala.

He agreed with Ramos that the development of a vaccine based on messenger RNA to combat Covid-19 is favorable, but explained that the scope of said vaccine is not that of a silver bullet, capable of permanently ending evil.

“There are viruses made up of RNA chains, such as the coronavirus, that make you sick and heal, but you can get sick again. And there are other compounds of DNA chains (HIV-AIDS, hepatitis C) that make you sick for life. An RNA vaccine gives the body the instruction to fight Covid-19 when it enters the system, but the disease can repeat later, ”explained Ayala.

“Many steps are being skipped, but we must trust the expertise and recognize the high degree of competence of the investigative and regulatory authorities that must put benefits before risks,” he concluded.

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