November 25, 2020

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Molinelli warns of earthquake equal to or greater than that reported today

The geomorphologist, José Molinelli pointed out today that after the earthquake of 4.9 reported this morning in the south of the Island, the probability of another of equal or greater magnitude occurring increases.

“The probability of an equal earthquake occurring or greater increases … this means that in the next few days you have to have extra caution and we know that you cannot predict when an earthquake will occur, but the statistical pattern of probabilities indicates that once there is a significant event like this they will there are earthquakes that are going to be the same and even greater, so in that sense you have to be aware and not let your guard down, "Molinelli said in an interview on Radio Isla.

He also issued an exhortation to the residents of the Southwest, a region that has been affected by strong earthquakes since December 28, 2019, including a powerful earthquake of 6.4 on September 7, January of this year.

“People must be alert and take mitigation measures. They should not have heavy objects in high places, "he recommended.

" You have to be prepared, you cannot predict when an earthquake will occur, but given all this activity that is in this entire area, what more alert should we have? around the precautionary measures that we must take, "he stressed.

The expert was emphatic in saying that after these warnings it is not time to run away, but rather it is about having an established plan for the emergency. [19659002] "This is not to enter a run and run, this is going to continue and is part of the geological and natural processes of the Puerto Rico region," he said.

"You have to learn to live with this taking precautions . This does not mean that we do nothing … and that whatever comes, no, there are many things we can do. It must be clear that we cannot prevent earthquakes from occurring, but we can prevent disasters from occurring, "added Molinelli.

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