April 17, 2021

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More fake accounts offer between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 in the name of celebrities

They create fake accounts by distributing money in the name of celebrities

Don't fall for the little fish!

By Metro Puerto Rico

They create fake accounts by distributing money in the name of celebrities

A group of media and political personalities They have reported the use of their names and photos for the creation of false c false accounts on social networks in which users are invited to participate in a false contest .

Don't fall for it. These are false accounts offering 1,000 or 5,000 dollars as a contest prize -or as thanks for their support-, asking in exchange for interactions and personal information through a web page built www.launchaco. com .

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The scheme includes WAPA reporters Julio Rivera Saniel, Mónika Candelaria, and Jorge Gelpí Pagán, as well as the presenter Ivonne Orsini and the candidate for governor for the Independence Party Puerto Rican (PIP), Juan Dalmau Ramírez.

The call of those affected has been to report said accounts and, above all, not to fall for the "little fish." "If you receive that type of message from an account under my name or that of my colleagues, ignore that content and please report it to Facebook," Rivera Saniel warned.

The message, in this case from the portal in the name of Gelpí Pagán, reads: "Congratulations on the selected winner, continue to register to win the cash prize of $ 5,000.00. Follow the procedure and the prizes will be sent after you submit your registration referral code. Our program is sponsored by various movie sites." .

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