June 15, 2021

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More names of PFEI referrals emerge | government

Senator Novoprogresista Nelson Cruz, who in March testified before the Department of Justice in the case related to the Administration of Socioeconomic Development of the Family (Adsef) for the inadequate management of supplies for victims of the earthquakes, confirmed that he also faces a referral to the Panel on the Independent Special Prosecutor (PFEI).

The former Adsef administrator, Surima Quiñones, who was dismissed amid questions because the distribution of supplies supposedly had to be carried out under political-partisan considerations, also received a referral .

With Cruz and Quiñones two names are added to the investigation with referrals made by Justice, which also includes Governor Wanda Vázquez. Among the other names that have come to light are being included in those referring to the PFEI, there is Senator Novoprogresista Evelyn Vázquez and her husband Peter Muller, but until yesterday afternoon they had not received confirmation.

Cruz, senator for the Ponce told EL VOCERO that yesterday he received a notification early in which he was notified that he would be investigated for the irregular handling of supplies, a situation that took him by surprise since he had gone to Justice in March to appear as a witness in the case of Adsef.

“Now I have a referral and I don't know how. They summoned me as a witness, and what makes no sense, the lawyers say, is that they put me as the accused. That is why I say that, judging by what I see in the media, there is no type of violation, but it is necessary to evaluate if they have something against me, "Cruz said.

" We are calm and my only sin is that I support Governor Wanda Vázquez, but we are confident that it is nothing serious, "added the senator, who denied that he had committed any act that could be interpreted as illegal.

" Now, according to the lawyers, what it follows that the PFEI evaluates the evidence that was established and they will determine if there is a possible filing of charges. They notify it if so, we answer and then they determine the procedure to follow, "he said.

Cruz and Vázquez were actively seen in the southwest area of ​​the Island during the earthquake emergency. At that time, there was already controversy in the Vázquez government over the discovery of a warehouse in Ponce with supplies, some of which had expired.

For her part, Senator Vázquez assured this newspaper yesterday afternoon that it was not she has received notification from the PFEI or from Justice that validates that she is an investigation card in the case of supplies.

Senator Vázquez's name and that of her husband as possible referred by Justice, transcended from the beginning of the current controversy next to the name of the governor.

Those referred to the PFEI office emerge after the investigation requested to Justice by the popular representative Rafael "Tatito" Hernández.

"This is an attack, a primarist persecution", affirmed the senator novoprogresista, who criticized that the investigation in Justice began after a referral from a popular legislator. He also said that Muller has not been summoned by the authorities either, although he was open to cooperating so that it can be investigated.

"My invitation is that if there is something that is presented immediately, that it does not reach primary school with this topic . People need officials to speak clearly to the country, but it is also essential that we know who is working, we go the extra mile and who is there, "he said.

“I am ready to introduce myself where I am summoned. My invitation is that if this has reached the PFEI that they act immediately. We cannot allow political agendas to tarnish the work we have done in the past four years. I am available to present myself at any time and to give statements at any time, "he added.

Senator Vázquez denied that she has distributed supplies to victims for the political benefit of the PNP, although she acknowledged that was the reason why Quiñones was fired. . “The Adsef presents a request for food and they ask for an authorization, when it is given, the food leaves with an authorized route. That route has a delivery time, a point and a place, "he said.

" They fire one (Surima Quiñones) and involve me. If they had not fired Glorimar Andújar (ex-secretary of the Family) that would never have come out and when that happens it is when they fire her and they wanted to find a justification to fire Surima. They fired her because she gave some food and because she gave it to Evelyn Vázquez, because I was not the only one, because there were other representatives and senators who distributed food, "she added.

She reiterated her support for Governor Vázquez as a candidate for governor by the PNP and said that there are "agendas" to harm the people who support the president. “I trust Wanda Vázquez and I know that she will continue to be the governor of Puerto Rico. She is a hard-working and struggling woman, who I think has been too passive when making decisions in difficult times, "she said.

" I think she should have made decisions with those documents that she had in her hands from the former Secretary of Justice before and not give so many opportunities. This was not happening if I had acted and had not had mercy, "he said.

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