April 19, 2021

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More than 75,000 subscribers are still without water

Brigades of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), continue working on the restoration of drinking water service for the 75,153 affected subscribers throughout the Island, reported the executive president, Doriel Pagán Crespo.

" We continue with several installations out of operation due to voltage fluctuations, plugged outlets and broken mechanical equipment. Our personnel are going through the systems to validate the recovery, as well as to replace the mechanical components that are necessary to restore service in the affected communities, "explained the official.

Likewise, they work together with personnel from the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), for the restoration of service in facilities that are not yet energized. The facilities that have emergency generators, keep operating until the voltage stabilizes.

At the moment, the AAA has 185 generators in operation in various facilities, of which 105 generators supply drinking water facilities that benefit 162 thousand clients and the rest for sanitary water management facilities.

Pagán Crespo added that the levels of the AAA reservoirs are maintained in the following: Carraízo (40.94), La Plata (501.41), Cidra (402.87) , Toa Vaca (147.68), Río Blanco (28.72), and Fajardo (52.48) meters. All these reservoirs were benefited by the rains of the past days.

While the electric service stabilizes, the entry of raw water and high turbidity, the following municipalities remain sectors without drinking water service:

West Region: PF Maricao, PF Monte del Estado in Maricao, Pozo La Monserrate in Hormigueros, systems EB Limón, EB Leguízamo in Mayagüez, Pozo Rosario, EB Guaras in Sabana Grande, EB La 22, Los Martínez in Cabo Rojo and Cerro Gordo in Añasco.

South Region: PF Mal Paso, PF Jagua Ceiba, PF Rucio, EB Santo Domingo in Peñuelas, PF Río Prieto, EB Palomas in the municipality of Yauco, PF Jagua Pasto in Guayanilla. In Ponce: PF Hogares Seguros, PF Real Anón, PF Tibes and EB El Vigía. In Adjuntas the wells PR 388 and Saltillo. In Villalba the Aceitunas IV pump and tank station, the PF Coamo. In the municipality of Maunabo, the PF Lizas and several pump stations in Orocovis, Santa Isabel, Juana Díaz, Patillas and Guayama.

Eastern Region: PF Humacao that supplies the municipality of Las Piedras and PF Ceiba Sur operate at medium capacity, PF Maizales in Naguabo, PF Culebra in Cayey and PF Morovis in Río Grande are out of operations.

North Region: PF Canalizo, PF Mameyes Limón and PF La Pica in Jayuya, PF Mameyes Utuado and PF Indiera Alta in Lares.

Metro Region: PF Bo. New municipality of Bayamón, PF Cubu and municipality of Canóvanas, PF Guzmán Arriba municipalities of Canóvanas and Río Grande, [Baja Producción por turbidez en PF Sergio Cuevas municipios de San Juan, Trujillo Alto, Carolina y Canóvanas] Low production PF Enrique Ortega municipalities of Bayamón and Toa Baja.

Once the operation at the facilities is restored, the service will gradually recover in the affected sectors. This could be delayed according to the complexity of the system.

On the other hand, Pagán Crespo reported that a situation is being addressed in the Sergio Cuevas Bustamante filtration plants, located in the municipality of Trujillo Alto and PF Enrique Ortega, located in the municipality of Toa Alta with low production due to a turbidity event. The executive president added that the service is expected to be restored in the hours of today.

In the Sergio Cuevas PF, the affected sectors are:

Trujillo Alto : La Gloria Sector, Quebrada Negrito Sabana, Dos Bocas Santo Domingo, Saint Just and Encantada urbanization.

Canóvanas : PR- 962 Cambalache sector, PR- 185 Campo Rico sector, Las Haciendas and surrounding areas.

Carolina : Sector Barrazas, Arrallanes, Metropolis, Loma Alta, Rolling Hills, San Antón and surrounding areas.

San Juan : Monte Carlo Urbanization, Berwind States, Cambridge Park, La Experimental, Contemporary Cast, Chalets de Cupey, Antigua Vía. Part of bda Venezuela and Buen Consejo.

While the PF Enrique Ortega:

Toa Alta : Ortiz and Quebrada Cruz sectors.

Naranjito : Lomas Del Viento, Bo. Nuevo, Guadiana, Achiote, Lomas Valles, Urb. Jardines, Casco Urbano and Los Cerros.

Given the possibility of turbidity upon restoration of service, it is recommended to boil water for three minutes prior to consumption.

Additional information, you can contact the Customer Service Telephone Center during your regular business hours, from 6:00 am at 11:00 p.m., by calling (787) 620-2482, or (787) 751-8125 for people with hearing problems. You can also stay informed with AAA press releases by accessing www.acueductospr.com from your computer or mobile phone or by following the account @acueductospr on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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