May 14, 2021

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Morovis will deliver school supplies through servicarro

The Mayor of Morovis, Carmen Maldonado González, announced the delivery of school materials for the start of classes will take place this coming Tuesday, August 4, following the health provisions for the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Already We have everything ready to apply the servicarro concept for delivery to the parents of students in our town, which will take place at Pista Atlético de Morovis from 11:00 in the morning. I am convinced that as a municipality, the most important investment we can make is in the education of our children and adolescents, "said the mayor in written statements.

Among the materials that will be delivered to the parents of students between 5 to 18 years resident in Morovis, you will find notebooks, bundle, crayons, glue, scissors, pencil, ream of paper, blackboard, eraser and marker.

According to the Department of Education (DE), classes begin on August 17 .

The mayor indicated that each case of a benefited student requires basic information of name, residence, neighborhood, school and grade. The license plate of the car that receives the materials will also be registered.

“This investment is 100% municipal funds and as we always do, we are very strict with the registration of the beneficiaries. Every penny invested will be well spent, "he added. Recently, Maldonado González also created another municipal project to attend to the needs of the Morovan students in the face of the limitations imposed by the pandemic by Covid-19.

“The Educating with Love project is generated so that parents can have support from retired teachers, where they will be offered tutoring during the school year that would start remotely, "he explained. The project begins on Monday, August 17, the same day that classes start on the fields and libraries in the neighborhoods. Retired teachers and tutors will serve parents with students at specific times. "In special cases, we will also provide facilities so that families can print documents that serve to complete the educational process," added the mayor.

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