April 17, 2021

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Mother who uses a refrigerator as a blackboard will share help received

Guayanilla. Without seeking publicity and with the simplicity of her voice, the mother’s call Nidia Torres Mendez For the Department of Education to provide disused desks to the girls and boys who need them to continue their learning at home, has made a deep impression.

The mayor of Guayanilla, Nelson Torres Yordán, began yesterday a collection of signatures on-line, called “Give a desk to each student so that they can study from home”, while citizens of different towns in Puerto Rico and foreign countries have identified with the claim made by the humble mother through the pages of Primera Hora this Monday.

The Secretary of Education, Eligio Hernandez, reacting to the proposal today, said that his work team will consult with the agency’s Property staff on the scope of the request.

“In Education we endorse all efforts that are to support our student population”Hernández said in statements requested by this newspaper. The official said that the Department has adopted alternatives for the continuity of educational services, some suggested by organizations, municipalities or teachers.

For her part, Torres Méndez thanked the demonstrations of solidarity and said that between her and her children they decided that the school materials they have received from many good Samaritans they will share with other mothers in need from their three children’s classroom.

“We are accepting donations to give to other children. Since we have been blessed, we are going to make other families blessed as well, ”said the woman, who drew attention, given the lack of resources to assist her three children in distance education chose to use the refrigerator as a blackboard of the modest house in which she rented in the Verdún neighborhood, in Guayanilla, with her three children, ages 10, 9 and 8.

“I feel very happy and proud because I know that they are paying attention to a mother who is not only advocating for mine, but for all children,” said Torres Méndez.

He also said that it has become the voice of many mothers because many times “we are shy about speaking about what they will say and we are afraid to speak out.”

“Hopefully this becomes a reality and that those desks get where they need to go. There are many children who need them, who are taking uncomfortable classes at home and there are also many teachers who do not have the facilities at home to teach our children “he added.

What have people told you? we asked.

“They have written to me, they have congratulated me, they tell me that I am a ‘super mom’ and I have cried a lot with emotion… There have been many positive messages and I am very grateful. Since those blessings are coming to us, we are going to bless other children and their mothers, who are also going to be teachers from their homes ”, expressed Torres Méndez.

The mayor of Guayanilla said, for his part, that in less than 24 hours the movement to collect signatures that began through the platform www.change.org had exceeded 200 signatures.

This morning ex-governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla He joined the proposal through his Twitter account.

“What we want is for people to make themselves felt with the signatures and for the secretary to see that there is a real need. When I have a number that I understand is reasonable, I will give it to you when I arrive. We invite people to join the petition ”, expressed Torres Yordán.

“My expectation, first, was to convey the sentiment of many citizens who have raised concerns about the investment that must be made so that children continue their studies at home and even more so for people with limited resources,” said the mayor.

He also said that “there is an additional concern because the desks are not available, there are people who are asking for them online and they do not arrive.”

He stressed that the reality is that “those desks are there, unused and according to the computers they loaned them, I know that many parents will responsibly return their desks when face-to-face classes begin.”

Torres Yordán also said that in the municipalities affected by the earthquakes in the southwest, the situation is different.

“Here, unlike the rest of the country, the issue of distance education becomes more relevant because it could be for a longer time. Right now we don’t have schools, we had to use the modules and we know how difficult it was with the tents when they were installed, ”said the mayor of Guayaquil.

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