March 1, 2021

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Municipality of Añasco installs free Internet for students

They identified and enabled four places in the first phase to have free WIFI for students and their families.

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Anasco – The Mayor of Añasco, Jorge Estévez Martínez, announced this Wednesday in a written communication that four places were identified and enabled in the first phase to have free WIFI for students and their families.

“We know about the problems and concerns that parents have with the changes in the country’s education system at this time. We recognize that many of the homes do not have internet service. We have made the decision to facilitate the free internet system in the communities. We have started with four places ”, commented the first municipal president after receiving dozens of requests from parents who do not have internet facilities in their homes.

Estévez Martínez let it be known that the places where students can connect to the free internet service are the neighbors close to the mayor’s office, the Francisco Figueroa public residence, in Parcelas Marías and in the Carreras neighborhood.

For next week the service will be available in the Miraflores, Playa, Piñales, Carreras, Espino neighborhoods and in the Brisas de Añasco urbanization.

“Education is a priority for our municipality. With this initiative, what we want is to collaborate with those most in need. Also in the coming days we will implement a new tutoring system to help students and alleviate a burden on their parents and guardians, ”added Estévez Martínez.

This municipal investment is thanks to the allocation of Cares funds. It is expected that hundreds of students will benefit from the implementation of this first phase.

Finally, the mayor asked citizens to take the appropriate security measures to avoid contagion of Covid-19 and maintain social distancing in places where the free WIFI service is provided.

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