June 12, 2021

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Municipality of Arecibo announces approval of its Land Management Plan

photo: Cybernews

Arecibo – The mayor of Arecibo, Carlos Molina Rodríguez, indicated this Thursday that the governor, Wanda Vázquez Garced, signed an executive order that will give way to the implementation of the Arecibo Land Management Plan, promoted by the municipal administration in the last six years.

“We acknowledge the Governor’s management by signing this executive order that makes the implementation of the Land Management Plan in Arecibo feasible. For the municipality, this is the conclusion of an initiative that we started 6 years ago for growth and orderly construction in our town. This means the real autonomy of a city to develop the economy and tourism ”, expressed the mayor about the signing of OE-2020-100.

“Today I can say that I deliver an Autonomous Municipality, with a budget and the autonomy that it never had,” said Molina Rodríguez in a written statement.

Molina Rodríguez has been criticized by the elected mayor of Arecibo, Carlos ‘Tito’ Ramírez, who denounced during the transition hearings that the municipal deficit is between 65 and 80 million dollars.

Approved by the Governor

The Governor approved the Territorial Organization Plan of the Municipality of Arecibo after the Puerto Rico Planning Board adopted it as a result of an evaluation of the documents presented by the city council; and that were consistent with current laws and public policies.

“The president of the Planning Board, Maria Gordillo Pérez and her entire work team were key to completing the arduous process of creation and approval of the Management Plan together with the legal advisors and the municipality’s working group,” said Molina Rodríguez on the procedure that took more than six years with multiple public hearings.

The Board also determined that the Municipality complied with the requirements of the Puerto Rico Municipal Code for the promotion and broad participation of citizens in the process of preparing the Land Use Plan.

The territorial planning plans define the regulations for the balanced, profitable and efficient use of the land, in order to promote the full development of each municipality. The plans include regulations for use in matters related to territorial organization and construction.

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