June 13, 2021

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Municipality of Ponce grants 22 permits for the opening of temporary kiosks in La Guancha

The merchants of these kiosks will be exempt from paying rent until the reconstruction of the platform is carried out

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Ponce – The mayor of the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce, Luis Manuel Irizarry Pabón, announced on Thursday, the granting of 22 permits that will lead to the opening of the provisional kiosks of the Enrique ‘Coco ”Vicéns Recreational and Cultural Complex, better known as La Guancha.

“This important opening is due in part to the demands of our people. As some common areas of the complex had already been reopened, the town was asking for the kiosks to be enabled, so that they could buy food and share it fully with the family. In times of pandemic and so much confinement, my priority is to unify the family, and what better way than in this wide space that La Guancha has. So, we will officially be inaugurating the temporary kiosks, with the intention that merchants, as well as visitors and residents, can enjoy even more the areas that are in conditions for outdoor recreation, “said the mayor in written communication. .

The merchants of these kiosks will be exempt from paying rent until the reconstruction of the platform is carried out.

People will be able to enjoy the recreational areas and now the temporary kiosks, starting on Thursday, January 28, 2021.

At the same time he added that “without a doubt, we must recognize that this recreational complex is one of the most important and most visited economic hubs in the South region and that due to Hurricane María and the earthquakes, it had not been possible to identify an area where it was could serve the people. Thanks to the meetings and the good dialogue we had with the merchants, and to please the families’ claims, we reached an agreement to start serving all our visitors, so that they can enjoy the recreational areas and good food, at the same time that we are strengthening the economic development of the City ”.

The temporary kiosks will be open to the public from Thursday to Sunday, until 10:00 at night. For the moment, all the kiosks will dispatch take-out food; the kiosks will not have tables or chairs available to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

As part of the opening celebration, on Sunday, January 31, starting at 3:00 in the afternoon, there will be an activity for the whole family. It will begin with the Comparsas del Carnaval de Vejigantes de la Playa de Ponce and at 4:30 in the afternoon, the Centennial Municipal Band of Ponce, will be performing a musical tribute to the Salsero from Ponce Pete ‘El Conde’ Rodríguez, in commemoration of his birthday.

The Municipal Police will ensure the safety of those present, but at the same time will enforce the current Executive Order, so that the 30 percent of capacity stipulated by said order is maintained.

Visitors must comply with the entire Covid-19 prevention protocol, using masks and practicing physical distancing.

The mayor of Ponce called on the citizens to maintain and preserve clean areas and stated that “it is essential to have the cooperation of all those who will use the facilities. Help us conserve the areas. When you go as a family to enjoy the facilities, take garbage bags with you and make use of the trash cans. Ponce belongs to everyone ”.

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