January 17, 2021

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Municipality of Ponce meets with merchants from La Guancha

The total reconstruction of La Guancha is scheduled to begin in early 2021

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Ponce The Municipal Administration of Ponce met with the representatives of the “guancheros” to inform them that in January they could begin to operate with the proper security measures and in accordance with the Executive Order, in addition to explaining that The works to locate the wagons in front of the Sonora Ponceña platform require going to a formal auction since the estimated construction costs exceed $ 450,000.

Once through the auction process, which will come out in the next few weeks, construction work must be completed in 60 business days.

“The merchants of La Guancha are an essential part of the reconstruction process of this complex recreational and cultural that is an icon of our City of Ponce and that is why we keep you informed about all the processes that are carried out or will be carried out in the place ”, stated the attorney Lourdes Gómez, City Administrator.

Among the tasks that must be carried out in the area are the installation of a “manhole”, incorporation of all the wagons connected to 2 ”pipes, the construction of a sanitary system for the men’s and women’s bathrooms; water supply lines for all wagons, construction of electrical distribution lines, in addition to the installation of four 40H4 poles with LED lights.

In addition, two electrical rooms will be built, in the area for artisans a 7-foot-high concrete outlet with electrical outlets will be built, a concrete floor for the placement of tables to eat food, 15 floors in a triangular shape and 11 floors in the shape rectangular with reinforcing steel, purchase and watered 4 ”gravel in an area of ​​87,000 square feet.

These jobs involve the payment of taxes, patents and insurance.

The total reconstruction of La Guancha is scheduled to begin in early 2021 with an investment of $ 10,627,019.33

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