April 11, 2021

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Municipality of Ponce offers transportation to residents of vulnerable areas

Faced with the passage of storm Laura, the municipality of Ponce maintains 4 shelters open, while its staff is visiting the most vulnerable communities to provide orientation and offer transportation to those who deserve it, announced Mayor María Meléndez Altieri.

“My call to the Ponceños and Ponceñas is not to lower their guard, this system is aimed at our area. I urge residents of vulnerable areas to contact the Municipal Emergency Management Office. If they need to be transferred to the shelters, there is still time before the heavy rains and gusts of wind begin, "declared Meléndez Altieri.

The Federal Transportation Administration (FTA) gave him the go Good to the municipality to use the Integrated Transportation System of the South (SITRAS) and mobilize citizens who reside in areas prone to flooding and who do not feel safe in their homes. Several SITRAS buses are already located in the sectors of Puerto Viejo, Villa Pesquera, Avenida Padre Noel and on highway number one in front of the Calzada to transfer people to shelters while weather conditions allow it.

“Ya the shelters of the schools: Lila Mayoral, the Vocational Bernardino Colón Bernard, Ernesto Ramos Antonini and Josefina Boya León are open. These campuses have plants, cisterns, cots and food will be provided to the refugees. The staff of the State Housing Department, such as that of our Municipality of Ponce, is duly trained to locate people who arrive according to the COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan. We are going to assign one family per room as a preventive measure, to avoid contagion ”, added the Municipal Executive.

Meanwhile, Emergency Management personnel and the Ponce Municipal Police have been activated in twelve-hour shifts since yesterday said the mayor. Likewise, he stressed that the Municipal Public Works cleaning and beautification brigades are verifying and cleaning the fords, the sewers, the water pumps. Other employees are bringing literature and information to the communities as part of the Municipality's Emergency Plan. Among the communities visited are: Tiburones, Buyones, Calzada, El Sol, Cerca del Cielo, La Playa de Ponce, among others.

People who need assistance can call 787-840-5353, 787-840-5305, 787-840-5350 and 787-840-5315.

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