April 11, 2021

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Municipality of Ponce visits establishments to reinforce measures against the coronavirus

The mayor of Ponce, María E. Meléndez Altieri, reported that since last June the work team that makes up the Project “Reopening My Business” has visited about 400 merchants in the municipality with the purpose of guiding them on the measures of coronavirus prevention.

Gel hand sanitizers, a poster with control and safety measures, information sheets from the emotional support line and information from the municipal tracking system were also handed out.

“We are committed to our merchants and we are putting at their disposal what is necessary for them to continue with their operation. Obviously, you also have to comply with the provisions of the executive orders and this team takes care of both variants. The cases of COVID-19 continue to increase, but it is also important to continue with the reopening of our economy, ”said Meléndez Altieri.

As part of the Municipality’s support to merchants, a form is being provided by Colmena 66, a non-profit organization that provides assistance to merchants. This delivery is being done in collaboration with the organization, who modified the survey according to the needs of Ponce merchants.

During the week of August 24-28, they visited 82 stores, including La Aguja Store, HS Electronics, Jalapeños, Willie Auto Services, Oliver Funeral Home, Elegance Perfumery. Telabella, Los Caobos Hair Stylist, Victory Auto Parts, Calvins Coffee Shop, JJ Transport, Educoop and Ace Valoís Pagán.

Crystal Bell, the director of the Ponce Municipality Economic Development Company that oversees the “Reopening My Business” Project, stated that “understanding the responsibility regarding the health care of our fellow citizens, we reiterate once again our firm commitment to continue promoting between the commercial community of our city to the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce as a managing entity and facilitator in the face of the emergency facing the country ”.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Ponce added that “with the necessary preventive measures we will continue to guide our businesses. The priority is the safety of all Ponceños and the people who visit us ”.

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