June 12, 2021

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Municipality of San Juan announces reopening of Central Park

Photo: CyberNews

SAN JUAN – The mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romero Lugo, announced this Sunday that after almost a year without access to its facilities, the Central Park opens its doors again starting tomorrow, Monday, for residents and citizens, at 6:00 a.m. in the morning to 6:00 in the afternoon.

In this first phase, the athletics track and the sidewalk will be open to the public, which were prepared for immediate use.

“Central Park is one of the main sports and recreation resources that our residents and athletes have and for several months they were deprived of using the facilities for training and recreation. Thanks to the efforts of the municipal cleaning brigades, we have addressed the demands of the citizens and now we can open it to the public again, “said Romero Lugo in a written statement.

The Mayor assured that all the security measures established in the protocol to prevent COVID-19 are being taken, which was consulted with health experts, athletes and runners who use Central Park frequently.

For this reason, notices were installed with rules that include the prohibition of crowding in common areas, the mandatory use of a mask, physical distancing, and hand disinfection every 30 minutes.

It was also reported that users will use the track area in a counterclockwise direction; on the sidewalk, they must go in favor of the clock.

The park will be open during the day because it does not have electricity. As Romero Lugo explained, the operating equipment did not receive adequate maintenance during the past years and this caused its deterioration.

Other areas of the park will be gradually opened as they are optimized for user safety.

On the other hand, the first municipal executive also informed that by the end of this week the reopening of the Escambrón will be announced, which is in the process of restoration.

“We are confident that we will be able to complete the repair and cleaning work in the coming days, so that our citizens can once again enjoy the facilities that the Capital City offers them. We will continue to return to San Juan the recreational spaces that are so much needed for physical and emotional health ”, concluded Romero Lugo.

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