May 15, 2021

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musical theme in tribute to victims of gender violence

Photocapture Video Not one more / They killed an innocent

PONCE – Coameños Andy Rey Negrón and Jorge Collazo, artistically known as Andy Kelemete La Guitarra de la Calle, along with cuatrista and musical arranger from Ponce, Giovanni Crespo, recorded the musical theme Not one more / They killed an innocent in tribute to the victims of gender violence in Puerto Rico.

The song was written and recorded last Sunday, May 2, 2021 and published early Monday. It was a work of 12 continuous hours – without rest – to express through a song the indignation felt at the irreparable loss after the death of an innocent woman at the hands of an abusive man.

Andy Kelemete indicated that the issue arose after seeing on the cover of a newspaper the photos of two innocent victims, Andrea and Keishla, which caused him so much pain and outrage that it inspired him to write and not stop until he learned the song, recorded it and publish it on the social networks of Facebook and Youtube.

“It’s really a shame that gender-based violence is the theme of a song,” said the songwriter, who generally likes to write humorous and upbeat songs that carry a positive message.

However, this time he had to bring a heartbreaking message, but one that invites reflection so that these cases do not repeat themselves.

Andy Kelemete indicated that with this musical theme he does not seek to profit, only to carry a message of peace, justice and non-violence towards women. With this he intends “to be the voice of the people with his music.”

Likewise, he regretted that other platforms or media did not accept the song for not showing -maybe- women with little clothes or carrying a message that denigrates them or uses them as objects as other artists do.

La Guitarra de la Calle assured that they will always talk about realistic things through their songs and denounce what is happening, although with it they remain humble from Barrio and do not profit.

“People have told us that the song has made them cry, others have thanked us, others tell us that they liked the lyrics and the rhythm … Something that fills us with joy is that in a few hours it reached a thousand reproductions”, Andy Kelemete testified about people’s acceptance of the theme song.

Not one more / They killed an innocent It was recorded at Real Play Studio with the musician and musical arranger from Ponce Giovanni Crespo, who also always stands in solidarity and supports this type of good cause.

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