November 28, 2020

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Intersection renamed, “Corner of The Resistance” in Old San Juan

The Municipal Legislature of San Juan approved an ordinance to designate the intersection of Calle Fortaleza and Cristo, in Old San Juan, as the Corner of the Resistance, and thus commemorate the historic event of the massive protests of the summer of 2019 , which led to the resignation of the then Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

As explained by the president of the Municipal Legislature, Marcos Rigau, although there had been talk of the possibility of changing the name to Fortaleza Street, a consensus to name only the intersection, so that the historical name of the street could be preserved.

According to the provisions, somewhere in the intersection a sign will be placed that reads: “In this place on July 24 in 2019, after 13 days of peaceful demand for participatory democracy and resistance, the Puerto Rican people obtained the resignation of the then governor for the mismanagement of his office. ”

The ordinance It had the majority support of municipal legislators, of which 13 voted in favor. Only the two legislators of the New Progressive Party (PNP) opposed the measure.

According to Rigau, the ordinance has the backing of the mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto who still has to put her signature to the ordinance to take effect. Cruz Soto, he said, also favored in principle changing the name to the street.

“We had a project to designate Calle Fortaleza as Calle de la Resistencia. We listen to the feelings of the residents of Old San Juan, of the population. We received hundreds of comments by email, text messages, written communications, and we evaluated them all and discussed it with all legislators from all three parties in this legislature. And we are looking for a consensus, which is the way to legislate, because one simply when legislating does not impose his criteria above the others, “said Rigau, adding that” personally he preferred to put the name Calle de la Resistencia. ”

” But you find that there are different criteria, and you have to find a solution that meets those different criteria and that people can live together. That is what the process of making laws is all about. So we look for a solution where the name of the historic street, Fortaleza, is kept, but at the same time we are looking for a way to signify a unique historical fact in the history of Puerto Rico, “said Rigau.

Rigau added that he prefers that the tarja be placed on the floor, in the center of the intersection.

He explained that placing the tarja in the streets would not bring major complications because the streets belong to the municipality of San Juan. However, if placed in another place, such as the wall of a building, it would have to have the approval of the building’s owner.

“I personally would like a bronze plaque, at the same intersection between Calle Cristo and Calle Fortress on the floor, where the people went, where all the Puerto Ricans from all over Puerto Rico came, for two weeks, every day, with wind, rain, sun, serene, to peacefully demand the departure of a government that had served badly, that he had disappointed, that he had not kept his word, that he had offended, “said the president of the Municipal Legislature, adding that the placement of the card would not entail a greater expense.

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