May 11, 2021

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NASA Shares Video and Audio from the Surface of Mars | Present

NASA today shared a video captured by the cameras of the Perseverance rover, which landed successfully on the surface of Mars on Thursday in search of answering the question of whether there was ever life on the red planet.

The video, just over 3 minutes long, shows the never-before-seen perspective of a spacecraft landing on Mars.

Perseverance has video capable cameras and two microphones. In total, it has 25 cameras, which also include “zoom” and color functions.

NASA also released the first sounds of Mars, captured with Perseverance microphones. In the 18 second audio, winds are heard on the surface.

The first images after the probe’s descent to Mars were published almost immediately. One of the photos showed the moment when the Perseverance probe was descending towards the surface of the red planet.

Although previous spacecraft have sent “movies,” which are really just stitched images in GIF form, the new probe has the ability to record video and audio. NASA has promised to publish more images.

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