June 24, 2021

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NASCAR drivers join Bubba Wallace and send powerful message against racism

TALLADEGA, Alabama .- In an extraordinary act of solidarity with the only black driver of the NASCAR dozens of pilots pushed the car belonging to Bubba Wallace in front of the start of Monday's race, at the same time that FBI agents were investigating who placed a hanging knot in his garage over the weekend.

The series of stocks was shocked and outraged by the act of racism, occurred just two weeks after prohibited the display of the Confederate flag in its facilities at Wallace's behest.

Look at the emotional moment:

NASCAR promised to expel the person responsible for life, but the investigation was He was in an early phase.

Wallace, 26, was surrounded by the other 39 drivers competing in the Cup Series, the highest category in the series, shortly before the start. The team's mechanics teamed up to march down the track, pushing number 43 to the front. Wallace got out of his car and started crying.

It was a moving moment in support of Wallace on a road course in the southern United States, and where the Confederate flag has flown for decades and was seen off the circuit over the weekend by fans opposing the NASCAR veto.

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