November 28, 2020

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Natal responds to Romero after accusing him of creating election “science fiction theories”

The elected mayor of San Juan – according to preliminary certification by the State Elections Commission (CEE) -, Miguel Romero Lugo, accused his adversary Manuel Natal Albelo this afternoon of creating “science fiction theories” with the allegations of possible electoral fraud later that three new voting cases were found for the domicile of district 04 of the capital city.

“The 30,000 dismissals of Law 7:” science fiction. “Complicity in the case of sexual harassment in Guaynabo:” science fiction. “Support for the Labor Deform:” science fiction, “” replied the mayoral candidate of the Capital City by the Citizen Victory Movement. “Everything is” science fiction “for those who depend on lies to hide their disastrous trajectory,” he reacted on his social networks.

They are not briefcases that appear. They are briefcases that are where they need to be”Said the still New Progressive senator earlier during a press conference in which he presented a legal appeal for the Municipality of San Juan to initiate the transition process. “There are no types of irregularities with them (the briefcases),” said Romero Lugo.

The certified candidate today also submitted a legal appeal to order the outgoing mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, to start the transition process that she has refused to start.

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