May 15, 2021

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National Guard on alert for Laura's passage | government

The National Guard assured that it is on "alert" before storm Laura passes through the Island.

The adjutant general, José Reyes, indicated that the military corps "is attentive to the passage of this tropical storm. Our personnel are alerted, our equipment is repositioned and we are ready to attend to any need or emergency that may arise due to the passage of this atmospheric phenomenon. "

In written statements, it stated that" since the beginning of this year we have carried out exercises with the municipalities, identifying deficiencies and establishing administrative mechanisms to minimize the bureaucratic process in the event of an emergency and in anticipation of these situations. ”

The military asked the population, in the face of the emergency,“ to have an emergency plan ready to this type of situation ”, which according to Reyes“ is the best contingency that we can execute. ”

Meanwhile, the Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) issued an order to freeze the prices of basic necessities.

Between The articles include shutters, generators and hardware store materials.

The agency recalled that orders five, sei s and 11, on fuels, the gross profit margins of the price of fuel and gas, as well as other articles.

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