January 17, 2021

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National Hurricane Center monitors four systems in the Atlantic

The National Hurricane Center (CNH) in Miami monitors four tropical waves in the Atlantic, which according to its 8:00 am report have the possibility of having some type of cyclonic development during the next few days.

The first is crossing the center of the Lesser Antilles arc, and although the CNH emphasizes that the system is not well organized at this time, it could have a gradual development over the next few days as it moves through the Caribbean Sea. The disturbance is 20 percent cyclonic development in the next 48 hours and 30 percent in the next five days.

While the second, located hundreds of miles southwest of the Cape Verde islands, although it is producing very limited rainfall activity, the CNH predicts that a development of the same could occur later this week while moving through the center of the Atlantic. The CNH notes that the wave, which has a 40 percent development during the next five days, is moving slowly to the west.

The National Hurricane Center monitors four systems.

Likewise, the CNH expects that an area of ​​low pressure will form the southeast of the east coast of the United States by the state of Florida. This, according to the report, could occur in a day or two, as the system has some kind of development and could turn into a tropical depression this week.

The entity estimates that the system will move northeast away from land. The disturbance has a probability of development of 40 percent in 48 hours and 50 percent in five days.

Likewise, the CNH is keeping an eye on a tropical wave that will leave the coasts of Africa in the coming days and that could have a slow development by the end of this week as it moves over the eastern Atlantic Ocean. The development probability for this system is 20 percent in the next five days.

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