June 25, 2021

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NCF Employees Claim Better Wages and Benefits | government

The employees of the Bureau of Forensic Sciences (NCF) demand better salaries and a fair budget in order to cover the needs of the state agency, attached to the Department of Public Safety (DSP).

“In addition, we request that Disconnect the NCF from the DSP, which has shown that it is not interested in the agency and is an obstacle to its healthy administration. We cannot remain silent and again we denounce that there is a great probability of an exodus of comrades by not taking our claims seriously, "said Aixa Estrada Franco, the president of United Public Servants of Puerto Rico (SPUPR), Council 95 / AFSCME AFL -CIO Local 2099 NCF.

In a press release, he added that “this situation not only affects us, but also involves our Puerto Rican people since this would cause delays in the cases. The unequal treatment that the DSP gives to human resources that work in favor of science and for the benefit of society is cruel and irresponsible. "

" We have seen a rise in wages for police officers, firefighters, among other responders front-line, but they forget that these departments need specialized forensic expertise to complete their work, "added Estrada Franco.

In that sense, he mentioned that it is sad and frustrating to hear Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced in a political message, where he assures the votes of the thousands of police officers granting him a salary increase and better working conditions, but the less than 200 NCF employees are not considered to give him the economic value that the job demands as experts, because we are not a majority for buy the vote.

"We have been working since day one fighting the pandemic emergency as well as in events like Hurricanes Irma and Maria, sometimes with lack of equipment and human resources. The governor acknowledges that we have maintained a healthy administration since Dr. Conte arrived, but it is thanks to the effort, overtime without pay, commitment and love of the employees. However, we feel abused and forgotten, "he said.

" It is not enough to say thank you. Behind the commissioner are workers suffering the stages of decomposition, such as a corpse in the course of death. It is outrageous that we are only taken into account when the stench of putrefaction reaches the Fortress. Since NCF is part of DSP, we have experienced misery in physical resources and demoralization of human resources. We want a salary increase now, like other public servants, "added Estrada Franco.

He advanced that given the incentive withdrawal half of the experts in the NCF could make the determination to withdraw causing a total debacle in the justice system full. “We have been waiting for more than a decade for government awareness to raise what remains of an agency that was grouped with others, remaining in the hands of people who have not demonstrated humanity due to human pain, not only of families who lose a loved one but of employees, "he stressed.

" Here it is about values ​​and justice for forensics, for this very reason we demand that the 2075 Project and the 1986 Project be given way. Our voice is a preview of what will happen if not steps are taken to promote what concerns us. We workers are willing to make serious determinations that resolve complaints once and for all. Enough of broken promises. We have been tolerant, but we warn that if we do not take our claims seriously we will raise our voices with decisive actions as the workers established in an Assembly, "said Estrada Franco.

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