May 14, 2021

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Nearly 200,000 AAA subscribers are without water service

Around 200,000 customers are without water service due to the effects of the Isaías storm on the island, said the executive president of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA), Doriel Pagán.

The engineer told This means that, of that figure, 83% is related to the lack of electrical energy and the remaining due to the high level of water in the river bed, which has prevented AAA personnel from going to repair or do work. maintenance in the affected plants or systems.

Customers in the south and west areas are the most affected by the interruption in the water service.

“The systems that are affected are those that have direct intakes from the rivers and as a result of the rains the dams are covered by vegetative material or debris. There is also the situation that the plants reflect high turbidity due to the floods of the rivers or the electrical service is interrupted; therefore, it cannot be distributed until the situation returns to normal, "said the president of the public corporation.

Pagán pointed out that the AAA has 300 electric generators in operation in areas where electricity service was interrupted. The corporation has another 900 available but it has not been necessary to use them in the areas where they are installed because the electrical service has been maintained.

"We have 2,250 facilities that would require a generator," said the official. President of the AAA said that after the scourge of Hurricane Maria in September 2017, an auction was held for the purchase and installation of 216 electric generators. There are already 50 installed, 50 in the process of being installed and the rest “should be received in the coming weeks.”

Pagán expects that the service can be reestablished in various sectors from tomorrow morning. He explained that, once the floods in the rivers decrease, personnel from the respective operational areas will clean the raw water intakes to extract material accumulated by runoff and start production at the affected plants.

The rain helped to the recovery in the accumulation of water in the reservoirs. The engineer pointed out that the amount of water left by the storm caused three floodgates to open in the Carraízo dam and three in La Plata.

“Runoff has been substantial according to the amount of rain we have received and we have seen that the Other reservoirs have been recovering, although not as fast as these two. Toa Vaca has increased 14 centimeters, Cidra also increased, I don't have the number now, but we have seen an improvement, "Pagán explained.

Systems affected by the rains:

Metro Region: Filter Plant (PF) Barrio Nuevo in Bayamón and PF Guzmán Arriba in Río Grande.

North Region : PF Río Arriba, PF Esperanza, PF Quebradillas, PF Santa Isabel, PF Lares Espino, PF Lares Urbana, PF Jayuya Urbana, PF Canalizo, PF Roncador, PF Mamayes Utuado, PF Mameyes Limón, PF La Pica, PF Las Delicias, PF Morovis Sur, PF Cordillera, PF Cedro Arriba, PF Pozas, PF Sanamuertos , PF Corozal, PF Sabana Grande, PF Indiera Alta and PF Hatillo / Camuy. Also, the stations of the Urban system of Arecibo.

West Region: PF de Añasco, PF Lajas, PF Maricao, PF Monte del Estado, PF Guamá de San Germán, PF Guajataca de Isabela, and PF Miradero in Mayagüez.

South Region: The Río Prieto and Rancheras filter plants in the municipality of Yauco, PF Jagua Ceiba, PF Rucio and PF Mal Paso in Peñuelas, PF Jagua Pasto in Guayanilla, PF Matrullas in Orocovis and PF Apeadero and Jagüeyes in Villalba. Similarly, the Adjuntas Nueva, Guilarte and Yahuecas FP in the municipality of Adjuntas. While in the municipality of Ponce, the PF Hogares Seguros, PF Real Anon and Guaraguao are affected by a blocked dam. In the municipality of Patillas the pump stations: Los Pollos, Marín1-4 and Jacaboa 1-4. The Villodas well in Guayama, the Cocos 3 and Parcelas Vázquez wells, as well as several pump stations in Salinas and the PF Lizas in Maunabo.

Eastern Region: PF Ceiba Sur and PF Juncos, PF Guayabota in Yabucoa, PF Humacao, PF Maizales in Naguabo, PF Culebra, PF Farallón and PF Cayey; PF Cidra, PF La Plata and PF Aibonito, PF Las Bocas in Barranquitas, PF Comerío and PF Morovis in Río Grande.

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