June 25, 2021

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Neighbors denounce terrible road conditions in Mayagüez

A group of residents of the Limón neighborhood in Mayagüez denounced the appalling conditions of the road that have to use daily . The neighbors assure that the road has not been fixed for decades and the deterioration endangers the safety of drivers.

Specifically, they are the residents of the sector Carrizosa Interior, at the entrance to the kilometer 8.3 who point out that the road is broken, the holes are deep and the curb is broken, which has caused large craters on the banks. The road is a small access road and the poor condition of the road puts the safety of the neighbors at risk. In addition, continuous rains have caused landslides and have undermined areas of the road.

“We have been waiting for action for years by the municipality, on rare occasions, it has filled holes in highway 105, which is the main one, but for they never come in here, our cars suffer the consequences and we are in danger because there are areas that the ground has undermined and part of the banks has been left, leaving very dangerous holes, ”said Bernarda Ramos Martínez, one of the neighbors affected. .

The neighbors stated that on several occasions they have collected signatures and have gone to the municipality in search of help, but their claims have not been answered. "This becomes dangerous and an accident may occur, anyone who sticks to one of those banks at night will fall into one of those holes with everything and a car," said Pablo Sánchez, another of the community's neighbors. [19659002] Sánchez is one of the many neighbors who have joined together in brigades to do the job that corresponds to the Municipality. According to what he said, they have had to remove the slopes of land that covers the highway to make spaces and be able to pass with the vehicles, they cut the corners of the roads and on many occasions they have thrown fill in some of the gaps to mitigate the damage suffered by the vehicles.

The neighbors say that the call is for the mayor, José Guillermo Rodríguez, who is asked to take a tour of the community so that he can verify the reality that they have to live day by day. "This can not stand any more, the deterioration of the road reached the limit, but if it is fixed we will lose the street, it rains almost every day, the land will continue to give way and we will be left without a road. This neighborhood is abandoned, the road is almost impassable, but if they don't take action, we will be left without a road, "said Geovani Santiago, another resident of Carrizosa Interior.

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