May 10, 2021

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New brioche bread arrives for burgers | PRESENT

Pan Pepín expands the variety of the Pan Pepín Finest line with the new Brioche Burger.

It is a hamburger bun with the same recipe of French origin that provides an alternative for those who like a soft, sweet and exquisite.

The new Brioche Burger is produced in Puerto Rico which guarantees freshness and quality.

The new Brioche Burger stands out for a delicate and delicious sweet and buttery flavor with a golden crust very characteristic of this famous bread. French.

Due to its flavor and texture, the Brioche Burger is an invitation to culinary creation to experiment and create different recipes to give new dimensions to traditional hamburgers. It is perfect for motivating yourself to stay at home and show off among your family and friends by making and bringing your hamburger to the highest level of flavor.

“Always look for innovative and high quality alternatives to satisfy consumer tastes, in breads produced by Pan Pepín Finest is extremely important to us. Bread is a fundamental element of our kitchen and the hamburger is a classic that we have integrated perfectly, so for the preparation of a unique and class-apart hamburger, we make the Brioche Burger in order to offer the perfect combination to take that hamburger to another level, "said Mario Somoza, President of Pan Pepín.

The culinary industry is one in constant evolution and consumers are looking for new alternatives to challenge their palates. In this context, the executive highlighted that “the reception of the Brioche Club among consumers and comments on the interest in other formats under the same flavor was an indicator for developing this new Brioche Burger product. This new creation serves to reaffirm that each product that Pan Pepín develops to bring to the table of Puerto Rican families is evidence of the commitment to offer new products always with the highest quality and freshness, "said the president of Pan Pepín. [19659002] The line includes Club Brioche, Hawaiian Dog, Kaiser Rolls, and garlic and spice buns.

The groundbreaking Brioche Burger de Pan Pepín Finest is available in 16.6oz packages on the fresh bread gondola in supermarkets or stocked with his preference around the Island.

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