November 26, 2020

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New cases of COVID-19 fall in China, but continue to rise in India and the United States

The world experienced the largest daily increase in coronavirus cases to date, with infections spreading in rural India following the return of migrant workers from cities.

Coronavirus cases in India rose by almost 15,000 people by Monday, 452,282 people, with more than 13,000 deaths according to the Indian Ministry of Health.

After smoothing out national quarantines, the Indian government has in recent weeks enabled special trains to carry thousands of workers migrants back to their hometowns. Almost 90% of the country's poorest districts have cases, although the outbreak remains centered in the states of Delhi, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, where there are large cities .

Infections slowed in China and South Korea, indicating that they may be gaining ground to curb their new outbreaks. But despite clear progress in containing the virus in some places, especially those with the first outbreaks of infection, the number of cases skyrocketed globally. Hospitals in Brazil, Iraq, India and the United States were having trouble managing the situation.

Almost 9 million people have been infected with the new coronavirus and more than 468,000 people have died according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University. Experts believe that the true dimension of the pandemic is much larger, given the limited ability to test and that there are presumed to be a large number of asymptomatic cases.

In a grim reminder of the virus's spread, Philippine authorities indicated that the king of Saudi Arabia had asked that the remains of 282 Filipino workers who had died in the oil kingdom in recent months be repatriated in three days. Migrants died of various causes, but restrictions associated with the virus delayed repatriations.

The Philippine government asked that the term be extended and that the deaths of some 50 Filipinos killed by COVID-19 be buried in Saudi Arabia, the Secretary of Employment Silvestre Bello III.

The Philippines has reported more than 30,000 infections and 1,169 deaths one of the highest accounts in Southeast Asia, and is having trouble getting home to tens of thousands of Filipinos who lost their jobs abroad.

In Pakistan, infections have accelerated and hospitals have been forced to reject patients. The number of new daily cases reached 6,800 in mid-June, in a country with 220 million people. The government has relaxed the pandemic's restrictions in an attempt to save an almost ruined economy, where the poverty rate has risen to 40%, from 30% previously.

In Iraq, workers with face masks were building Temporary coronavirus units on a large Baghdad site devoted to exhibitions, while a dreaded spike in infections tested their suffocated hospitals weakened by years of conflict and flimsy infrastructure.

The World Health Organization reported the largest daily increase in cases according to estimates on Sunday, with more than 183,000 new cases in the previous 24 hours. Brazil registered 54,771, followed by the United States with 36,617, according to the United Nations health agency. India reported more than 15,400 new infections.

Experts attribute the increase in cases to several factors, such as more diagnostic tests and more infections. More than two thirds of the new deaths were reported in the americas.

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