November 28, 2020

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New disorder is born due to the Covid-19 pandemic | Present

A new disorder, coronaphobia, was part of the discussion between psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and primary doctors of the Vital plan, who were summoned by MSO of Puerto Rico to participate in the Symposium Challenges and Opportunities in the face of Covid-19: tools for the clinical practice.

The educational program presented in conjunction with the Central University of the Caribbean (UCC) was carried out for two consecutive days virtually.

The event presented a varied agenda of current affairs by MMM Healthcare clinical resources and MSO’s integrated mental health department, UCC professors and professionals, and private practice.

The new psychological disorder named coronaphobia was undoubtedly one of the novel topics widely discussed at the MSO Symposium, the company that manages the provider network for MMM.

The disorder stems from a deep and paralyzing fear of Covid-19 and harms the mental health of individuals in the long term.

Even the person who suffers from it may experience severe anxiety or exaggerated fear of contracting the virus if they visit a clinic or hospital, to such an extent that they can completely avoid seeking help from a health professional to treat any illness or condition, explained José Ortiz , MMM Mental Health Medical Director.

Individuals who are suffering from coronaphobia can have the following reactions: obsessive behaviors, avoidance reaction, panic, anxiety, paranoia, compulsive and excessive accumulation of material things and depression.

This mental disorder could be classified as an adjustment disorder, which usually occurs after a great stressor such as a severe illness, the death of a close person, change of job or relocation.

All this causes the individual to have a reaction of severe distress and anxiety that can be considered out of proportion to the situation he faces.

Other topics that were presented included the challenges for the integration of health services and its effects of the pandemic, telemedicine, the reevaluation of physiological activation as a strategy to facilitate stress management, and a panel discussion on the future of the integrated model of physical and mental health care after Covid-19, among others.

“The impact of mental health is a serious problem and conferences like these allow us to open a forum to seek solutions and raise awareness, especially of such recent issues that have arisen as a result of the pandemic such as coronaphobia,” said Raúl F. Montalvo, president of MSO of Puerto Rico.

“We know that physical health can only be as stable as the emotional state of the patient, because they go hand in hand. For this reason, we continually develop programs and tools that allow us to attend to the physical and mental health of more than half a million patients we serve from MMM, both Medicare Advantage and Vital Plan. This educational event is a sign of our commitment to health ”, he concluded.

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