May 15, 2021

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New look at coronavirus is urgently needed | PRESENT

"We have to learn to live with the virus (Covid-19), but it is important that the government reinforce the orientation because we have seen that the citizens have lowered their guard and that is dangerous," he told yesterday. VOCERO Dr. Marcos López, research manager of the Puerto Rico Public Health Trust (Prpht).

“The reality is that the threat of Covid-19 increased and this requires that the Country reinforce precautionary measures and that we also think about a new logistics to be effective in detecting the virus ", he indicated.

As explained by the expert, the use of a mask, social distancing and hand washing must be resumed with the rigor that the moment demands , but the government must also aim for a more dynamic orientation and politicians serve as an example to citizens, even when they are in full electoral campaign.

“It is not that politicians stop holding their political rally or their campaigns, but must ap licate what they ask of people. Always maintain social distancing and have a mask on to protect your followers, that should be the message, "said López about the constant health violations of some politicians in proselytizing activities.

Adapt the strategy

On the other hand, mentioned the importance for businesses dedicated to the sale of food and beverages to re-evaluate their precautionary measures and determine how effective they are.

“We cannot close the economy, but business owners must be very strict in the orientation they are given to your guests, it is something dynamic. They can also evaluate having handwashing stations. People, when they see that businesses comply with the guidelines, go and consume there because they feel safe, "said López.

He added that the amount of molecular tests that the country has is sufficient to be able to cope with the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, but indicated that it is necessary to be more precise in the determinations that are made to order a Covid-19 test.

According to López, this begins with the medical order signed by the doctor so that the patient is given a molecular testing in laboratories. “I know people who have taken the test up to six times without the need for it. It is important for doctors to be proactive with the patient and to follow up, to make adequate use of the tests. ”

López stressed the importance of doctors being able to prioritize those who most need the molecular or confirmatory test.

There is no shortage of reagents

López said that at the moment, in the six reference laboratories of the Island there is no shortage of reagents to analyze molecular tests, although he pointed out that two laboratories have had some delays in the acquisition of these chemicals.

“We are still doing more testing than the World Health Organization (WHO) requires and many other jurisdictions in the United States. What happened at one point was that Roche sold us a surplus of tests and then this stopped. But we are still doing a lot of tests, ”said López.

Currently the local reference laboratories carry out some 22,000 weekly tests, which represents 90% of the total on the island.

López highlighted the importance of the laboratories of the community does not accumulate the Covid-19 samples, in order to maintain a constant flow in the detection of the virus and thus have the statistics up to date.

“I have seen that some community laboratories take the sample and take time to send it to reference laboratories for three to four days. In the reference laboratories, most of the samples are processed in 24 hours, at the most 48 hours ", expressed the spokesperson of the Prpht.

" If the Country takes responsibility on this matter, we still have time to prevent this from happening. get out of our hands, "concluded López.

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