March 9, 2021

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new name for Google Cloud productivity and work tools

Google Introduces a New Name, Brand, and User Experience that Reinvents the Way Users Communicate and Collaborate

Google Cloud today announced Google Workspace, a new brand identity that reflects a deeply integrated new product experience, as well as new shopping options, tailored to customer needs. Google Workspace carefully combines tools for chatting, meeting with your team, editing documents, and tracking tasks and projects, all built with Google security and the cleanest cloud technology in the industry.

“This is the end of the ‘office’ as we know it,” said Javier Soltero, vice president and general manager of Google Workspace. “From now on, teams must thrive without meeting in person, protect their time to focus on the most relevant work, and build human connections in new ways. Google Workspace provides an experience that most people are already familiar with and fully integrated that will help everyone succeed in this new reality, whether you are in an office, working from home, in the position at front line or interacting with customers. ”

Google has been creating products for decades that are simple, easy to learn, and anticipate user needs in a useful way. More than 2.6 billion users, including business and educational as well, choose to use Google’s productivity and collaboration tools each month.

In July, Google ad an integrated workspace, the first step in your vision of a single unified experience that provides the best way to create, communicate and collaborate. Today we are announcing that this new integrated space is available to all users of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and also, that, in the coming months, it will be extended to its free version, which will be available to anyone with a Gmail account .

Creating a new experience

The Google Workspace user experience carefully brings together the basic tools for communication and collaboration, such as chat, email, voice and video calls, and content management, into a single, unified experience. New features include:

  • Link previews: Available today, link previews in Docs, Sheets, and Slides enable users to view the content of a link without leaving the original document, saving and giving more time to get work done by not having to switch between apps and tabs.
  • Smart mentions in Docs, Sheets, and Slides: Starting today, when you @mention (using @ associated with their username) someone in a document, a pop-up will display details that provide context and even suggest actions, such as sharing the document. By connecting users to relevant people and content directly in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, Google Workspace helps users get more done from where they already are.
  • Creation of documents in rooms: In the coming weeks, Google Workspace will allow users to dynamically create and collaborate on a document (Docs, Sheets, Presentations) within a Chat room, without having to switch tabs or tools. This will reduce complexity and help ensure that all team members have visibility into relevant project work.
  • Meet picture-in-picture in Docs, Sheets and Presentations– In July, Google announced that it would bring Meet’s picture-in-picture functionality to Gmail and Chat, so users can see and hear the people they are working with while collaborating. In the coming months, Google will roll out Meet’s picture-in-picture feature in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, meaning users will get the benefit of those non-verbal cues that come with being able to see someone’s face while collaborating. in real time.

Document creation in rooms

It is not only companies that face the need to transform; Employees are in a period of transition as they adapt to an increasingly hybrid way of working, and technology plays a critical role in achieving this, ”said Angela Ashenden, Principal Analyst for Workplace Transformation at CCS Insight . “Google’s consumer heritage and cloud-native products put it in a unique position to guide users through an evolving work environment. Users are overwhelmed by the number of tools and channels available, and Google is helping them access these disparate workflows in one place. “

New brand identity

The new Google Workspace brand reflects Google’s vision of a product with a simple, useful and flexible experience with integration and collaboration in one place. In the coming weeks, users will see new four-color icons for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and our Editor products, resembling the same family and representing Google Workspace’s commitment to creating immersive communication and collaboration experiences. all with the utility of Google.

We will also bring Google Workspace to our educational institution and non-profit customers in the coming months. Education customers can continue to access our tools through G Suite for Education, which includes Classroom, Assignments, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Presentations, and Meet. G Suite for Nonprofits will continue to be available to eligible institutions through the Google for Nonprofits program.

Offering more options to companies

In order to provide more options and to make it easier to get the most out of Google Workspace, we also evolved our subscription options to provide more personalized alternatives for small businesses, often looking to make quick transitions or deployments, as well as for larger corporations. , which have more complex needs and, in many cases, require technical assistance over the course of a longer purchase and implementation cycle. All plans include Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Sites, Forms, and Currents. All new options effective today:

  • For small and medium businesses With 300 users or less, we present three new offers, which are available to be purchased directly online or through our partners:
    • Business Starter (USD 6 / per user)– Our most affordable option for small businesses that need personalized email for their domain.
    • Business Standard (USD 12 / per user)– For businesses that need more advanced productivity features, like larger meetings and more storage.
    • Business Plus (USD 18 / per user)– For organizations that need more sophisticated security options and advanced mobile device management (MDM).
    • There is no price change on the Starter and Standard levels from the previous Basic and Business. The Business Plus edition is a new price to provide more advanced capabilities to SMBs.
  • For larger companiesIntroducing a suite of offerings with additional productivity features, enterprise-grade administrative controls, and our most advanced security and compliance capabilities, available at both the team and organizational levels. Enterprise editions are available for purchase through our sales team and extensive partner network, with a variety of subscriptions and prices based on the needs of the organization.
  • For teams and departments looking for an easy way to get started we offer Essentials (USD 8 / per user), that allows teams to quickly get started with video conferencing and our modern collaboration tools without having to replace or migrate from other email or calendar tools they already use.
  • For current customers
  • These changes will not affect current contracts. Existing G Suite licenses and related services will continue to work as they do today, until the time to transition.
  • Our current clients will receive additional information in the coming months to identify the transition path that best meets their needs.
  • Learn more in our help Center And in the frequent questions.

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