July 25, 2021

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New online appointment system available in the Department of the Treasury

In the Taxpayer Service area, appointments will be made by calling a technician at the selected time, so no people will be physically received at the offices.

Photo: Ana M. Nogueras

SAN JUAN – The Secretary of the Treasury Department, Francisco Parés Alicea, announced on Tuesday the availability of a new online system so that taxpayers can make appointments and carry out their procedures on a certain date, without queues or crowds.

“With great satisfaction I inform you that we already have our online appointment system available through the link hacienda.turnospr.com, to continue serving the needs of taxpayers in an agile and safe manner, complying with physical distancing and the prevention of COVID-19, “said the official in written communication.

When accessing the online appointment service, taxpayers will be able to select under the categories of Collections Offices, for services with face-to-face appointments, and Taxpayer Service, for services with appointments by calling a technician. You will also find a list of frequently asked questions about how the new appointment system works. “By pressing these service areas, citizens will find different options available and a description of the documents and requirements that they must have at the time of being served,” Parés Alicea explained.

In the category of Collections, for example, taxpayers can verify the procedures available and the closest collection office that is offering the service they need, as well as the list of contacts and the hours of operation to proceed to make their appointment. Among the Collection services available for face-to-face appointments are the request for certifications of tax and payroll debts, the sale of Internal Revenue stamps and others, payment of traffic fines and claiming of Lottery prizes, among other transactions.

In the Taxpayer Service area, appointments will be made by calling a technician at the selected time, so no people will be physically received at the offices. The service options available under this category are: reimbursement status and Economic Impact Payment (CARES Act), corporate payroll, SUT and other withholdings, individual payroll and senior payroll. Pressing each option will access the services menu for each one.

In the case of the individual return, the taxpayer may make claims on refunds, debts, refunds credited to debts, accreditation of payments, notifications of mathematical errors and adjustments in returns, among others. In each case, they will be required to provide the necessary documents to address the matter when you go to your appointment.

Once the service of interest has been selected, the taxpayer will press the calendar to separate their space, according to availability and will only apply the agreed schedule. The shifts will be guaranteed as long as there is no emergency situation in the Collections Offices and Service Centers, which if it occurs, would be notified through the email provided when requesting the appointment.

To request an appointment, you must complete a form with your name and two surnames, provide an email, your cell phone number and provider. To make cancellations, you must press that link available at the top of the page and select another date.

In the case of needing assistance to make an appointment or to select the service, taxpayers may write through the link ‘Assistance in Suri’, which can be found on the SURI main page and does not require a username or password to access.

“This digital tool represents a great advance in improving the services that the Department of the Treasury must provide to all taxpayers. Our work plan includes continuing to add options to the system, ”said the secretary.

For more information, stay connected to social networks and visit the Hacienda page www.hacienda.pr.gov.

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