August 4, 2021

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New symptoms discovered in Covid-19 patients | PRESENT

By Rafael Santiago Medina

British scientists have noticed new symptoms in Covid-19 patients, but clarify that its manifestation depends on the age of the infected and the peculiarities of each organism.

Among the new symptoms of Covid-19, listed by British researchers, are muscle pain, increased fatigue, as well as blisters on the legs, according to the studies that led to this finding conducted by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies of the United Kingdom (SAGE).

However, the UK Health Secretary decided not to include these new infection symptoms on the Covid-19 indicator list so as not to overload the testing centers.

Previously, scientists at the University of Birmingham in the UK confirmed that taking vitamin D, if deficient, could be a way to protect against SARS CoV-2.

Researchers have found that vitamin D has very important properties, since it balances the immune system through cytokines, which act against pathogens.

In the midst of the current pandemic, the voices of experts who recommend it as a prevention weapon are multiplying.

In May 2020, another team of scientists from Ireland and England corroborated in a study that a lack of vitamin D aggravates the chances of death from Covid-19.

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