November 25, 2020

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New tool to apply for TANF financial aid online

The secretary of the Family Department, Orlando López Belmonte announced the launch of a new tool to apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF , for its acronym in English) through the official website of the government .

“In response to the emergency by COVID-19, the Department of the Family achieved a temporary simplification in the eligibility requirements for the categories of the Temporary Assistance Program for Needy Families In order to increase accessibility to this program, the department created a virtual tool to apply for this financial assistance for minors, elderly and individuals with disabilities who they do not have the resources to satisfy their basic needs and they meet the requirements of one of the six TANF categories, ”explained the secretary in written statements.

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To access the tool, people must press the button Application Eligibility TANF that appears in the section of Online Services .

“Initially, we directed our efforts towards making the eligibility requirements more flexible, now with the launch of this new virtual tool we managed to The application process itself is much more accessible, "added López Belmonte.

For his part, the administrator of the Administration for Socioeconomic Development of the Family, Alberto Fradera Vázquez, assured that" the applications will be handled and processed by ADSEF technicians, who will contact the applicants to obtain the required documents, or if there are any problems or doubts regarding any of the documents to be sent . All the categories and requirements, as well as the necessary documents are on the page. ”

The official reported that TANF assists around 33,100 families annually with benefits of $ 128 per month per person or family group that are sent to the participants through the Unique Card of the Government of Puerto Rico on the first day of each month.

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