August 1, 2021

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new trend in celebrations during the pandemic

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Puerto Rico – The pandemic has transformed the way people relate to each other, and consequently, the way they celebrate special activities such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

At this time, the health and safety of the honorees and their guests at these events is the most important thing, so -to avoid the spread of COVID-19- what used to be large-scale events have now been transformed into micro-events where only the most intimate people attend, event coordinator Maricelli Meléndez told La Perla del Sur.

According to him, at the beginning of the quarantine, when the measures against COVID-19 were even more strict than now, he began to sell graduation decorations and proms in boxes to send by mail to the graduates so that they could celebrate that special moment from their homes and have some beautiful memories of that unique date in their lives.

Later, it also began to include boxes of decorations for birthdays, anniversaries and for other special activities so that people could celebrate those special moments that only happen once a year from home.

People began to place balloons and banners in front of their homes or to decorate their terraces, entrances or rooms and to celebrate special days with small cakes with their closest relatives so as not to lose the custom of commemorating their important days.

Similarly, they began to use technology to transmit their activities virtually through the Zoom platform or Facebook Live so that more people could witness their joys.

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As the months have passed, the executive orders have been making changes and becoming more flexible so that the events industry can resume with the proper certifications and following the health and safety protocols against COVID-19.

“Now is when the coordinators of events are most needed to ensure everyone’s health during the activities and that the protocols are complied with, since we are the ones who are certified and we give the guidelines so that everyone meets the requirements,” he explained Meléndez on the importance of event coordinators during the pandemic.

Following this line, Peter Laboy, president of the South chapter of the Association of Professional Event Coordinators of Puerto Rico (ACEP), explained that the organization is kept up-to-date with each executive order issued by the governor to ensure that the events they organize are in compliance.

Likewise, he mentioned the different requirements that events have at this time, starting with the fact that -for the moment- only dinners without dancing are allowed with due social distancing and with food served at the table in hotels, restaurants and private rooms. You cannot stand in line at the bars and avoid crowding during the activity.

To guarantee social distancing, Laboy explained that if it is about restaurants at the moment 55% of the capacity of the place is allowed and that the tables must be round 72 ”. If they are people from the same family nucleus, 8 to 10 people can be accommodated per table, otherwise a maximum of 6 people is recommended.

The maximum allowed in an event is 100 people, but be careful, this includes all the personnel who are working in the event: coordinator, waiters, musicians, photographers, videographers, among others and is subject to the capacity of the place and the executive order valid.

If the event is not going to take place in a hotel or restaurant, it is necessary to send a dispensation request to Fortaleza two weeks before the event with the COVID prevention protocol and the hall’s security measures, accompanied by a tracking system. of contacts.

For any questions about the requirements for events, you can contact Fortaleza at 787-721-7000 Ext. 3299. You can also contact Maricelli Meléndez through her Instagram account eventsbymaricelli or to the page of ACEP on Facebook.

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