August 4, 2021

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New York partially reopens after three months of quarantine

New York – After three months of quarantine for the coronavirus, New York City took an important step in reopening Monday: New Yorkers began attending hairdressers and beauty salons or visiting restaurants to eat, though only at outdoor tables .

Shoppers were once again able to explore the city's famous iconic shops, and children were able to re-enter the playgrounds, rather than play between the walls of their apartments.

Monday marked the second of four phases of reopening the city, but Mayor Bill de Blasio called it "the biggest step forward" as the city fends off the health crisis by coronavirus.

Employees were able to return to their offices, although many had not yet. Others, like Larry Silverstein, 89, could not wait any longer to return to his desk.

The developer of the World Trade Center went to work in his office there on Monday, along with up to a third of the staff at Silverstein Properties. . The company released schedules so that employees could keep their distance from each other. In the lobby of the skyscraper with number 7 of the World Trade Center it is now mandatory to wear masks. On the floor were markings indicating where to stand in front of the elevators, now limited to nearly a quarter of their normal capacity.

For Silverstein, returning to office life and teamwork in person brought " joy, satisfaction, feeling of being able to function ”. I was not convinced that the pandemic does not get along well with office jobs or New York City.

“I went through September 11th. I remember people telling me that we could never get people to go back to the southern part of Manhattan, "said Silverstein, who rented a site on the Twin Towers six weeks before the 2001 terrorist attacks destroyed them.

" Never bet on New York, because New York always comes back, bigger and better than ever. "

However, other New Yorkers were apprehensive.

Eve González, a food worker whose work has not yet resumed, feels that it is too early to relax restrictions on the social movement.

"I am dying to leave, but people's health is more important," said Gonzalez, 27. [19659012]

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