May 14, 2021

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Nino Correa: “No one here can lower their guard” | government

The acting commissioner of the Bureau for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (Nmead), Nino Correa, stressed this morning that "no one can lower their guard" in the face of tropical storm Laura on the island.

"Right now, if you ask me, no people can lower their guard," Correa commented to EL VOCERO, after explaining that the system has been a changing one, both in its trajectory and in its movement of movement.

In the bulletin of the 11:00 in the morning, Laura was moving west at about 18 miles per hour and her center was about 20 miles from Ponce.

“Before we thought you can go north, now you go further to the south, "said Correa.

Correa said that the call to the citizens remains the same as yesterday and" until this is not in the western area, we have the guarantee that a tail is not organized or that a band that enters with an amount of rain or air that can affect us, we have We have to be clear and the warning is for the entire Island, ”he stressed.

According to Correa, so far there are a total of 16 people in shelters throughout the Island. Likewise, there are 22 open shelters and of these, nine are being used.

By 11:30 am Correa said that no incident has been reported due to the system.

Called to stay home

Correa urged Puerto Ricans to stay in their homes "for the rest of this day -Saturday- and until the early hours of Sunday we stay out of danger. ”

Similarly, he urged people who live in floodplain areas or near rivers to move to a shelter“ with enough time ”, since“ six inches of rain they are enough and the force of the water, depending on how it goes down, can cause the movement of a vehicle you cannot control it. ”

The acting commissioner of the Nmead does not want the tragic situation of the woman who was dragged by a water hit in Rincón, during the passage of tropical storm Isaías.

The National Meteorological Service of San Juan maintains the forecast of rainfall of three to six inches and up to eight in isolated areas. The entire Island remains under a flash flood watch.

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